Letter to the Editor | Support the Casters by Moving Eight Trees

Published : Tuesday, May 8, 2018 | 1:59 PM

I write in support of the Pasadena Casting Club’s request for authority to improve the municipal casting pond by slightly relandscaping a bit of the public natural park framing the pond.

I live near the pond and walk there often and have done so for decades. I have come to know many of the habitual walkers and sense that the great majority love the casting pond and the Casting Club, appreciate greatly the support of the natural environment around the pond by the Club, and would welcome the slight improvement to the landscape as proposed.

The City sited the trees to be removed as part of the low-flow project to naturalize the old grass fields left by the construction of the flood control channel in 1948. Time has shown that some changes are needed, like the removal of dead trees from the “wetlands” created by the low-flow stream itself.

The proposed adjustments would bring several benefits to the City:

The unique and picturesque pond would be better used;

More users would enjoy the facility;

The walkers would have a better viewscape;

The project would enhance the vision of the One Arroyo Group.

The proposal has few detriments:

There would be no cost to the City;

The urban park canopy would be increased by the planting of more mature trees;

The Lower Arroyo Master Plan would be honored by the planting of mature native trees.



John Fauvre






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