Letter to the Editor: Playhouse District Park and Traffic

Published : Monday, March 11, 2019 | 6:55 PM

Dear Mayor Tornek and City Council Members,

I am writing in regard to the proposed park at the corner of Union and El Molino. I’m all for a park but am concerned that the cumulative effect that all the proposed development and transportation plans will have on the area, given the many things that are already in discussion.

The proposed cycle track on Union will be on the opposite side of the road from this park. That location seemed ill-advised to me from the start, because there are lots of points of conflicts with shoppers and residents entering driveways for the businesses on Colorado. Access to the park from the opposite side of the street seems like it will also be problematic.

The park development will be reducing available parking by 53 spaces and the cycle track is scheduled to take out an additional 48 spaces. According to the Parking Licensing Agreement, the new parking will have limited hours – Monday through Friday, 6 pm to 2 am only. Then Saturday and Sunday, it’s 6 am to 6 pm, so no parking if you go anywhere at night – like to the movies at night on weekend. Who would be crazy enough to do that? And parking rates are market. It also appears that any needed alterations to garage are at city’s expense.

Of the $2.5 million you are proposing to transfer to the off-site parking facilities fund, how much is going to be used to pay for obligations under the February 2019 Parking Licensing Agreement, and what specifically are those funds to be used for?

The new reduced parking will certainly make the retail district more difficult to access and will negatively impact the businesses, especially the Laemmle theaters, Vromans, Valia’s Jewelers, and other restaurants and shops in the area.

The Playhouse District and Metro have lots of plans for this area. How will a BRT bus only lane be incorporated with reverse angle parking on Colorado, or with the cycle track on Union? How will commuters traverse the city to their jobs, shopping, or entertainment with the implementation of this plan?

I frequently go to the Arcade, Paseo, to the Laemmle, and to Vroman’s, and often dine along Colorado and Green Street. I avoid Old Pasadena as much as possible because it is a huge hassle. When this area becomes a mess too, I will go to other areas that are much easier to deal with than this. There are lots of options in our neighboring communities with lots of free parking (and in some cases, a lower sales tax). I already do much of my shopping to the east/south, but with future plans to increase density in those areas and reduce driving, I will likely stop that as well.

Marion White






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