Letter to the Editor | Quincy Hocutt, Former Citizens Oversight Committee Chair

Published : Thursday, September 20, 2018 | 5:05 AM

The Board of Education has chosen to approach the newspapers with a public statement that I have been removed from my unpaid volunteer position as Chair of the Citizens’ Oversight Committee (COC.) I note for the record that there was no prior discussion of any such possible action or any stated displeasure in advance of their request to meet with me on Tuesday afternoon. At that meeting I was asked to resign for “personal reasons” and refused to do so.

The stated reason for my dismissal is that I “have strong feelings regarding decisions made by Staff and approved by the Board.” The COC has a State-Constitution-granted independent oversight responsibility for the expenditure of Measure TT bond funds for school construction, and we do render opinions on various aspects related to these expenditures. But the COC has always supported the position that the Board of Education has final citizen-elected authority over school matters. I do not concur that any of my research, or opinions, or insights, or statements within the COC have hampered the COC’s ability to work as a cohesive group, nor prevented it from engaging in productive discussions. All meetings of the COC are recorded and monthly minutes are published on the PUSD website, and the public is invited to peruse all document therein posted by the COC and make its own judgment as to whether the COC’s insights over the last few years are correct. This information can be accessed here: https://www.pusd.us/Domain/1836

Asking for tighter fiscal controls over money provided by the public is I believe to be in the highest interest of the public so that the bond money from Measure TT can be efficiently utilized for as many projects as possible to benefit the children of Pasadena.

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