Letters | Don’t Take Out Parking on Union Street to Put in Two-Way Bike Lane

Published : Thursday, May 3, 2018 | 4:22 PM

I am writing to share my concern with other citizens who do not want parking to be taken out in the Playhouse District to make room for a new two-way bike lane on Union Street.

This is a very calm street and there is room for a bike lane, but you do not have to take out parking to do so. You could build two one way bike lanes on Union and Green street and not have to take out parking which is at a premium here and throughout the city. Even without striped bicycle lanes, Union is a safe street for bicycling as I use it frequently for my cycling trips.

Taking out parking is not a good way to support our local businesses. The majority of citizens still need or choose to use their vehicles for trips in and to our city. When you take out parking, you harm local businesses. When it is a hassle to go to the Playhouse District, the South Lake business district or Old Town Pasadena, local residents will go elsewhere.

It’s really that straight forward.

No other than the City of Santa Monica has built huge parking structures to support the Third Street Promenade and their downtown business district. Those haven’t been torn down to accommodate other methods of transportation. Even in Santa Monica, supporting local businesses is a priority.

Another concern I have about the project is that the one small public parking lot adjacent to Union will now partially be used to build a public park. I love parks and open spaces, but why didn’t the city demand that the greedy developer of the TRIO Apartments not build a monstrous and ugly development from block to block? It has made the district look like a cement canyon and most of the expensive apartments still sit empty. These developments are ruining the character of our city, and cramming our streets with more cars.

We need the city to stand up to developers and demand concessions like open space be included in their developments. They also need to build smaller buildings which better fit the character of our beautiful city.

We have this opportunity to do that on Foothill and other streets which are being stuffed to the brim with new development and hundreds of new parking spaces being added. The city shouldn’t have to do “clean up” after the fact with finding park space with limited city funds.

Thank you for recording my concerns.

Ken Perry

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