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Published : Tuesday, April 3, 2018 | 3:44 PM

LettersRecently, I went to an OurPasadena.org Specific Plan meeting and argued with an out-of-towner urban planner, a brilliant and very talented writer of ordinances.

I asked if historic buildings could be protected by keeping the public view of them intact. My hopes were dashed when she said views are generally protected if they are of a city hall or that kind of important building.

Of course, then I realized she wasn’t familiar with the Castle Green or the Green Apartments or the history. The Green (two buildings and a once garden now paved over) is the most iconic and wonderfully imaginative architecture left in this city. Pasadena has permitted tragic mistakes even with its landmark buildings and those on the National Register of Historic Places.

In 1978, there was the destruction of the Pasadena Athletic Club, another perfectly beautiful iconic structure. I fear for the Green when billboards and parking lots are allowed to desecrate the grounds.

When building plans follow suit in similar disrespect for an oversized high-density box alongside the Green to “improve” its corner. Obliterating the view of the Green is an enhancement? Compromising the value of a rare historic resource is called progress?

Dianne Patrizi

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