Librarians Reinvigorate the Linda Vista Associates Support Group

Published : Sunday, September 13, 2015 | 5:57 AM


Four alpha women plus a library, and what do you get? A re-energized Linda Vista Associates support group for the Linda Vista Branch Library. Together, Director  Jan Sanders, Deputy Director Jennifer Addington, Librarian Deborah Takahashi and Senior Librarian Robin Reidy have combined forces to recruit members for their friendly organization, here to make the Linda Vista Library a better place for story-time and other activities.

Anyone can join, they say.

“In order to be an active member of the LVLA you have to become a member of the Friend’s Organization, which can be done with a $25 donation. Other than that, yes, anybody can join!” said Takahashi with a big smile, as she added, “Help us become a shining star over here.”

The Linda Vista Associates, which has been active for decades, met Saturday morning. One of the prospective members was spotted taking out her checkbook, just as the gathering wrapped up.

“My kids basically grew up here,” said Jenifer Levin, owner of the aforementioned checkbook, “And they both went to Linda Vista School. I used to walk down here with them. We did story-time and that’s how I became familiar with them.”

The Linda Vista Library has been around since 1957 and has hosted story-time for many children of the community. The Linda Vista Associates wants to guarantee it will continue to do just that, especially since recently the organization had seen a drop in support.

“The librarians have really worked hard to bring it back,” said Sanders, “This is kind of a kickstart. A reinvigorating of the local associates group.”

Sanders, who as the Director of the Pasadena Public Library is the city’s chief librarian, said the main objective of The Linda Vista Associates is to be “a conduit for the community.”

“They are the ones that come from the area. They know who’s living here, what the patrons’ needs are, what their wants are, maybe some of their interests, and they can help to advise the staff on what might be successful programming opportunities. Or, what some of the good fundraisers or opportunities for outreach might be,” Sanders said. “Plus, just be a good base for volunteerism and people to support the library. Different things like that ultimately provide for a successful branch.”

Other aspects that contribute tremendously to Linda Vista’s success are librarians Takahashi and Reidy. Reidy is the branch’s senior librarian.

“[Linda Vista Associates] has been in existence for almost the entire existence of the library, which is close to 50 years,” said Reidy, “It has always been very supportive. It has had many ups and downs, ins and outs, and right now it’s kind of in a period of disuse. We are trying to revive it.”

Takahashi, who has been a librarian since her 20′s, is working hard alongside Reidy to do just that.

For those of the community who would like to help, “This is a great chance for younger patrons, with younger children, to get more involved so we can bring it up to date and do bigger and better things,” said Takahashi.

For more information about joining the Associates, stop by the library at 1281 Bryant Street in west Pasadena or call (626) 744-7278.


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