Live Blogging: Dodgers Drop Giants 4-1, for Second Win in a Row

Darvish is strong over 7 innings

Published : Wednesday, September 13, 2017 | 5:58 PM

Two victories in a row following an 11-game losing streak must feel like championship play for the Dodgers, who stopped the Giants behind Yu Darvish who pitched seven innings, giving up 3 hits and no runs, along with five strikeouts.

“You have to play your best when you’re playing the Dodgers,” said Manager Bruce Bochy, “and we didn’t.” The Giants were their own worst enemy two nights in a row, when surprising fielding errors allowed the Dodgers to get on base and score early.

For the Dodgers, both their hitting and fielding was sparkling and highlight reel-worthy, with Turner, Seager, and Hernandez all delivering spot-on songs and deadly throws to stop the Giants whenever they threatened to, well, threaten.

Two Giant fielding errors in a row in the first and second innings allowed the Dodgers to strike early. In the Dodger second, a high fly ball by Puig froze Tomlinson and Pence, who allowed the ball to drop between them, almost a replay of the same play Tuesday evening.

Darvish was steady and in control throughout his seven innings and the Giants never really took much of a fight to him.

The Giants made a small rally in the bottom of the night, as they scored their only run along with two hits. With Pence scoring on a Parker single, it was up to Denard Span to make something happen.

Span struck out on a 2-2 count.

The Dodgers will head to the east for the remainder of their ten-game road trip with three games in Washington D.C. and four in Philadelphia.

Here’s how we blogged it:


AT&T PARK, SAN FRANCISCO—The sky has not completely fallen on the Dodgers yet. The team snapped their scary 11-game losing streak last night against the last-place Giants, and hope to pick up another victory this evening in AT&T Park.

Despite the long losing spiral, the Dodgers remain in first place by ten games in the National League West, and still hold the majors’ best overall record at 93-52 record. They secured a spot in the playoffs with a victory over the Gigantes last night. 

Righhander Yu Darvish (8-12. 4.25 ERA) will face lefty Matt Moore (5-13, 5.31 ERA) for Los Gigantes.

First Pitch 7:15

62 degrees.



Chris Taylor (no relation) flies out to first.

Corey Seager walks briskly to first.

Justin Turner Overdrive,  beard attached, gets to 1-1, 1-2, then flies out to deep center, moving Seager to second, like a traffic cop.

Cody Bellinger psyches out the Giant infield and outfield with a slippery fly ball that evades Hunter Pence, and snags Bellinger a triple, while scoring Seager.

(Fans begin chanting: “Let’s go Dodgers!”)

Logan Forsythe smacks a double into center, scoring Bellinger.

Austin Barnes is at 1-1, then 3-1, and then gets fooled by a strike, and sits on a full count for a couple of foul tips. Now, he is walking on sunshine, after a fashion. There is a chat show on the mound, per se.

Kiké Hernandez is at 2-1, two on, and two outs….2-2….then he flies out to center.

Dodgers 2, Giants coming up.


Hunter Pence is at 1-0, 2-0, 2-1, 2-1, 3-2, then singles, when Seager can’t handle his grounder.

Jarrett Parker is out at first, as Pence sublets second.

Denard Span (No relation. Seriously.) hits it right at Darvish, who catches Pence headed off for third, Darvish relays to Turner, who tags Spence out, and then, quickly, shoots down Span racing to second. The inning be over.



Puig tries to bunt. Not so much. Then, his high pop fly to short right, freezes Tomlinson and Pence, who watch the ball drop in front of them.

Darvish grounds out.

Taylor beats out a throw to first.

Seager is at 1-1. Puig steals third, as Jones bobbles the throw. Seager at 1-2. He whiffs, not in a good way.

Turner is at 1-0, 2-0, …then strolls to first like a boss, so to speak.

Corey Bellinger strikes out, per se.

Bases loaded. Full count. Two out. Bellinger gets himself stricken out.

Dodgers 2, Giants 0. 


Buster Posey flies out to first.

Brandon Crawford strikes out.

Nick Hundley, with a name like a soap opera actor, singles to right. And, “scene.”

Pablo Sandoval is at 0-1, and now is at 1-1, while you are reading this, and then 1-2,…then says, “Whatever…”

Dodgers 2, Giants 0. 



Forsythe is at 3-1, 3-2…then mows the air.

Barnes grounds out to first.

Kiké Hernandez is way out of there.


Kelby Tomlinson is out at first.

Matt Moore finds himself at 1-2, as do you. Running relatively slowly, he is gunned down by Seager at first.

Pence is at 1-1, then 1-2, then 2-2, strangely enough. Then, strikes out.

Dodgers 2, Giants 0. 



Yasiel Puig doubles off the wall in center field.

Yu Darvish tries to bunt, and then doesn’t. And the court agrees. He is at 2-2. On a third strike wild pitch, Yu freezes, and then gets thrown out at first.

Chris Taylor singles to first, and Puig is tagged out headed for home.

Seager SWINGS, and misses, dropping the air temperature by a degree; then flies out for real to right.

Dodgers 2, Giants 0. 


Parker is so out.

Span is at 1-2, make that 2-2, and then grounds right out to first base over there.

Posey grounds out on a throw from Seager to first with a 2-2 count.

Dodgers 2, Giants 0. 



Seager is pretty much out.

Justin Turner doubles deep into the left field corner.

Bellinger sends one to China Basin.

Cody Bellinger sends one into the waters of the China Basin.

Kike Hernandez strikes himself way out.

Puig does the same, for symmetry, one supposes.

Dodgers 4, Giants 0. 


Brandon Crawford is at 1-0, 2-0, 2-1, then bangs one at Bellinger. One down.

Nick Hundley flies out to Puig.

Pablo “Pablo” Sandoval strikes out, ending the inning, so to speak.



Dodgers go quietly, relatively speaking,  in the top of the sixth. Darvish strikes out swinging, Taylor flies out to Span, and Seager grounds out.


Tomlinson flies out to left.

A Ryder Jones appearance at bat prompts a brief chat show on the mound. Ryder is at 2-2.

Hunter Pence aims one right a Puig, who thanks him by catching it.


Dodgers 4, Giants 0.



Justin Turner looks at 0-2. Then he considers 1-2. Then, strolls to first.

Cody Bellinger is at 1-2,…then hits into a double play, sending Turner to the dugout, unamused.

Forsythe is at deuces wild, as Vin used to say, and now the count is bulging. Forsythe takes a base, in a manner of speaking.

Barnes ends the inning.

Dodgers 4, Giants 0.


Parker is aboard, as they say.

Span is at 1-1, then flies out to center.

Hernandez chases down Posey’s fly ball to left, and in a dead run, shoots down Parker trying to scamper back to first.

Dodgers 4, Giants 0.



Kiké (no relation) strikes out.

Puig is out at first.

Andre Ethier (!) is at 1-2, then strikes out ingloriously.

Dodgers 4, Giants 0.


Brandon Morrow in to pitch for the Dodgers.

Brandon Crawford swings. Misses. Hits one really high into the air. Turner goes into overdrive to make a sliding catch, burning across the infield.

Nick Hundley (again?) personally strikes out, personally.

Pablo “Sandoval” flies out to deeeeeeep center field.

Dodgers 4, Giants 0.



Chris Taylor flies out.

Corey Seager doubles to deep center.

Turner is at 1-2, and strikes out.

Bellinger is at 2-1, (Giants fans are safely evacuating the ball park…) and Bellinger walks, and then…

Seager is thrown out at home, in a double steal attempt.

Dodgers 4, Giants 0.


Tomlinson is out at first.

Joe Panik grounds out to first.

Pence is at 2-2, then gets to first when a high throw pulls Bellinger off the bag.

Jarret Parker singles down the left field line, scoring Pence.

There is a chat show at the Dodger mound. Giants play a terrible Twisted Sister tune (so many to choose from), as Span comes up to bat. 1-1. 1-2. Quite a few fans still here. Still 1-2. Span befouls a few. Span strikes out.

Final: Dodgers 4, Giants 1.