Local Dentist is Caring Philanthropist, A Thousand Miles from Pasadena

Published : Monday, November 20, 2017 | 11:08 AM

When Dr. Michael Yung, a well-respected local dentist, isn’t redesigning smiles at his downtown Pasadena dental clinic, he’s probably somewhere in Mexico doing volunteer dental work or filling backpacks for children with Mission Flight, a San Gabriel-based team that regularly flies south to do charity work.

Yung and his Pasadena practice, Michael S. Yung DDS, Inc., has been providing dental services for Pasadena area patients since 2004. Yung is a philanthropist at heart—he is involved in a lot of community work that keeps him and his team “in tune” with Pasadena.

“I’m always involved in community affairs,” Yung said, “like with Young and Healthy which is a group that does a lot of nonprofit work in Pasadena servicing local schools, kindergarten screenings, that sort of thing.

Thirteen years ago, Yung was looking for a desirable location for building his practice. When he saw the opportunity in Pasadena, he grabbed it and hasn’t let go since.

“I really couldn’t be happier being in Pasadena because the community is just fantastic,” Yung said. “I love the energy here and look forward to many more years of supporting the community.”

Aside from getting involved with community work, Yung and his team have started doing volunteer work for the San Gabriel charity, Mission Flight, who flies down monthly to conduct charity dental, eye, and medical clinics.

Mission Flight has recently been in the San Quintin Valley in Mexico, which has a population of over 200,000, many of whom are farm workers who live in deep poverty. The other area that the group serves regularly is further south — the LIGA medical clinic in El Fuerte, Sinaloa, on the Mexican mainland.

“Mission Flight recently started here in 2016,” Yung said. “They fly down regularly, we join them at least three to four times a year now.”

In the Pasadena clinic, Yung and his team do all kinds of dental work, from traditional fillings to crowns to oral health care and dental hygiene. He is supported by fellow dentist Dr. Kimberly Foon and a group of registered dental care professionals and office staff at their clinic.

“We do a lot of aesthetic work, regarding re-designing smiles,” Yung said. “In some cases, that means restoring the full mouth from back to front — we have to treat the back teeth as well as the front teeth. So typically, when someone comes to us with an aesthetic concern, we’re looking at both their smile teeth or the ones that will show which in many cases may result in veneer work. Veneer works basically as a new facing on the front tooth which can dramatically affect your smile and in many cases, bringing it back after you’ve lost it from tooth-wear and years of trauma.”

Michael S. Yung DDS, Inc., is located at 696 E. Colorado Blvd. Suite 224. For more information about Dr. Michael Yung’s clinic, as well as his charity work, call (626) 449-5420 or visit www.michaelyungdds.com.

To learn more about Mission Flight, visit www.missionflight.org.

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