Local Discussion Set as Trump Administration Prepares to Go Before Pasadena Court

Published : Tuesday, July 30, 2019 | 4:33 AM

The Trump Administration is to argue before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit in Pasadena the correctness of its policy to rescind “temporary protected status” for immigrants from embattled nations and locally the Progressive Discussion Group will convene an Aug. 2 forum on the timely issue.

The Ninth Circuit panel in Pasadena will hear the administration’s arguments Aug. 14.

Temporary protected status (TPS) is extended by the Secretary of Homeland Security to countries with ongoing armed conflict, an environmental disaster, or conditions preventing a safe return of its citizens home.

The Trump administration has decided to end the designations of El Salvador, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Sudan.

The effort was stayed by injunction in October 2018 when U.S. District Court Judge John Chen ruled that the policy would likely be struck down for failure to comply with the Administrative Procedures Act (APA).

Chen’s ruling in Ramos v. Nielson impugned the administration’s change to a narrower set of criteria for making the determination. The APA usually requires a public airing of the rule change as well as consultations with other federal agencies.

Chen’s ruling in Ramos v. Nielson represented a reprieve for some 300,000 TPS holders. Syrians seeking refuge from the country’s long and brutal civil war could be sent back as early as Sept. 19. Citizens from the other countries mentioned are looking at 2020 deadlines.

Some people have benefitted from the status for decades. El Salvadorans, for example, saw their country receive the designation after an earthquake in 2001. The TPS designation can be made for a six-month period, 12 months or 18 months.

Prior administrations have simply renewed the status, but the buck has stopped with Trump.

If past is prologue, the Ninth Circuit will uphold Chen’s ruling but the U.S. Supreme Court could then overrule, granting the administration what it wants, ending the American idyll for hundreds of thousands.

The decision to terminate the status itself can not be overturned by a court, but the way in which it was arrived at can be invalidated. That would merely send the administration back to the process for some fine-tuning that meets the APA’s criteria.

Pasadena’s Progressive Discussion Group’s event, “Immigrants Welcome Here” will feature a panel including Cecilia Menjivar, a Professor of Sociology at University of California Los Angeles, who studies the impact of immigration laws on immigrant families.

Menjivar will be joined by TPS holders Evelyn Hernandez and Orlando Zepeda, sharing their stories and those of their U.S.-born children.

Pasadenans Organizing for Progress’ Ed Washatka will moderate.

The Progressive Discussion Group is a Pasadena-based political thought incubator that meets in the Du-Par’s Restaurant & Bakery backroom to discuss a designated topic.

Meetings are open to anyone wanting to attend. DuPar’s issues separate checks to attendees, so you can have coffee, breakfast, or just thoughtful discussion of progressive issues.

Meetings are held at Du-Par’s Restaurant & Bakery between 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.

Dupar’s Restaurant & Bakery is located at 214 S Lake Ave, Pasadena.

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