Local Minister Wants to Turn Christians on to Cannabis

Published : Thursday, May 2, 2019 | 1:35 PM

[Editor’s Note: This story originally linked XXXchurch to Christian Cannabis and that is not accurate. Craig Gross, who founded XXXchurch and is one of its pastors, is taking up this personal endeavor and project, but it is not a XXXchurch ministry or Fireproof project. Christian Cannabis is an independent personal project and website. It is not an XXXchurch ministry. Pasadena Now regrets any confusion the original story may have caused.]

A local minister has taken up the challenge of changing Christian attitudes towards marijuana (and might sell a little in the process).

Pasadena-based XXXchurch, a self-described Christian congregation, is lead by Pastor Craig Cross, who is now promoting marijuana through the web-based Christian Cannabis venture, a line of products “for your specific, integrative healing and wellness needs.”

The website says the purpose of “selling weed” is that “we think people just might stand to benefit from it, and because we wish we’d have had options like these when we were flying blind as newbies, trying to figure out what would be more helpful than harmful in a forbidden world, chock-full of strange names but slim-to-none on information.”

The minister says it welcomes the controversy associated with the joining of “two perceivably opposing words like ‘Christian’ and ‘cannabis,’” because it is time for a conversation in the Christian world. “A conversation that is simply not being had amongst believers in the midst of huge, cultural and legislative shifts that are happening right now,” the church said.

Gross has said that, with Christian Cannabis, he wants to bring Christian marijuana users out of the shadows and challenge churches to have frank conversations about the plant.

The Pastor describes himself to The Christian Post as among the untold number of Christians who first turned to marijuana for medicinal relief. After consulting more than 20 specialists, participating in multiple scans and tests and trying numerous prescription drugs to ease a chronic migraine problem, Gross said he was finally able to experience relief with marijuana in 2013.

He now ingests cannabis, “probably three to four times a week,” according to the article.

Christian Cannabis is not Cross’s sole or original venture. That honor reportedly goes to his Fireproof Ministries, the mission of which is to combat addiction to pornography.

Cross is said to have founded XXXchurch as one of “a few different web properties that feature different products and services” of Fireproof Ministries, a registered 501(c)3 organization established in California in 2002.

These essentially web properties are “aimed at helping people discover a life that is emotionally healthy and spiritually rich,” according to the website.

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