Local Nonprofit Partners to Deliver Healthy, Sugar-Free Cookies to Sick Children

Published : Tuesday, August 29, 2017 | 5:31 AM

Pasadena-based Butterfly Kisses Foundation and Food 2.0 said in a statement they have partnered to bring joy and inspire children battling illnesses and disabilities with healthy and sugar-free cookies.

Butterfly Kisses Foundation’s mission is visit children who are sick and have disabilities in hospitals, homes and hospices and hand-out their free signature decorated butterfly cookies to help cheer them up.

Partnering with Butterfly Kisses Foundation, Foods 2.0, known for its Sugar 2.0, a natural sugar alternative, will donate Sugar 2.0 to the Foundation, so it can be used in making the Foundation’s cookies.

In addition, Foods 2.0 said it would volunteer at Butterfly Kisses Foundation events and donate a percentage of its sales to the foundation.

“We are so excited to be partnering with Sugar 2.0, a company that’s as passionate about making a difference in children’s lives as we are,” said Kelly Quezada, President of Butterfly Kisses Foundation.

“Their commitment and support to the foundation allow us to provide a healthier low-sugar cookie with the same great taste. Together we will continue to touch as many lives as possible, one healthier cookie at a time.”

A non-profit group, Butterfly Kisses Foundation began with a desire to do something loving and meaningful for children whose health and lives are at risk.

“Our cookies are so much more than just a cookie, we believe they have the power to bring a smile for a moment while making a child feel special,” the foundation said on its website. ”The power to feel embraced by a warm hug, knowing that someone cares. The power to be brave and stay strong and continue the fight.”

For its part, Foods 2.0 CEO and founder Trong Nguyen said his company’s partnership with Butterfly Kisses is aligned with his drive to provide children with a healthy alternative to sugar in their snacks. Nguyen himself is a father to four children.

“It was a constant struggle, trying to make that compromise between healthy and tasty,” Nguyen said. “I’m so glad I can now make my kids the treats they love without worrying about their sugar intake.”

Sugar 2.0 is a natural sugar alternative that reduces sugar content by half while adding soluble fiber and retaining the sweet flavor. Sugar 2.0 is now available in 2,400 stores nationwide.

Join Butterfly Kisses Foundation and Sugar 2.0 at the next fundraising event on September 7th. All profits from events go the foundation, as it looks to deliver smiles, strength, and hope, one cookie at a time. Please contact caring@butterflykissesfoundation.com for more information.

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