Longtime Resident Charlotte Bland Announces Candidacy for Pasadena City Council District 4 Seat

Published : Friday, August 16, 2019 | 4:47 AM

Charlotte (Char) Bland, longtime Pasadena resident, community advocate and corporate leader, officially announced her candidacy Thursday for the Pasadena City Council District 4 seat.

Describing herself as a results-oriented business professional, devoted wife, mother and grandmother, as well as a concerned District 4 neighbor, Bland said she’s running on a platform of healthy communities, healthy families, smart growth and environmental justice.

“I want to create a front porch community among District 4 residents where neighbors can share their concerns about growing development, environmental issues, public health and public safety and education. I want a safe place for neighbors to join forces to address these issues and find common ground and workable solutions,” said Bland.

Bland said her leadership, experience and passion will serve as the foundation for her campaign.

“Not a week goes by that I don’t hear from someone who is concerned with how our neighborhoods are rapidly changing. We need smart growth with an emphasis on Quality of Life.  And we need to be aware of and engaged about what environmental conditions might be in play,” she said.

Bland said she stands on her record and experience as a results-oriented Senior Account Executive for several Fortune 500 companies supporting Government Accounts in their acquisition of technology, as well as her public service work on behalf of women and families.

As Chair of the Pasadena Commission on the Status of Women, she said she led efforts to produce and distribute a free public report that examined the quality of life of women living and working in the City of Pasadena. In collaboration with Mount Saint Mary’s University, the report culminated findings from key city agencies and nonprofit groups to detail women’s status on housing and homelessness, domestic violence and human trafficking, pay equity and the status of women veterans.

As Pasadena’s District 4 City Councilmember, Bland said she would will continue to build alliances among vested stakeholders and work hard to build the trust and support of District 4 voters.

District 4 represents East Pasadena, including the neighborhoods of Upper Hastings Ranch, Lower Hastings Ranch, Daisy-Villa, Eaton Blanche, East Eaton Wash, Eaton Canyon Wash, East Orange Grove, Fox Ridge/Canyon Close, Loma Vista, Sierra Madre Villa, and Victory Rose.

The current Councilmember represeting District 4 is Gene Masuda, who has held the seat since 2011.

For more information about Bland’s candidacy go to https://www.charlotte4pasadena.com

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