Loudspeaker System Proposed for Robinson Park Baseball in the Arroyo

Published : Monday, December 3, 2018 | 6:39 AM

Maranatha High School in Pasadena has requested the Department of Public Works to allow it to install a permanent public address system at Jackie Robinson Field inside Brookside Park in the Arroyo Seco, for specific use during permitted baseball games.

The request was received weeks earlier at the Public Works Department, which is now recommending that it be supported by the Pasadena Recreation and Parks Commission.

The Commission meets Tuesday, December 4, to discuss the recommendation, along with other recreation-related issues.

In a memorandum for the Commission, Parks and Natural Resources Administrator Charles Peretz said his department has reviewed the project, classified as a minor park improvement under the Arroyo Seco Design Guidelines, and found that it does not require a formal design review. He added the application for the loudspeaker system, which will potentially benefit users of the football field and Brookside Park itself, is in substantial conformance with the Arroyo design guidelines.

Peretz added a review by the Recreation and Parks Commission is not necessary for a project of this classification, but he believes it would be beneficial to share the information at a public meeting of the Commission.

The East Arroyo Residents Association has been informed about the proposal, since the group represents the neighborhood nearest to the Jackie Robinson Stadium.

Maranatha High School said the new sound system would eliminate the need for a portable system that users of the field have resorted to in the past. Work on the improvement will include upgrading the electrical system, and installing amplifiers, speakers, and associated audio equipment; it will also include installing a “governor,” which will limit maximum noise levels to conform with community requirements.

All costs associated with the installation and maintenance of the system will be borne by Maranatha High School, Peretz said in the memorandum.

In its application submitted to Public Works, Maranatha said it was proposing the project on behalf of other users, including Pasadena City College and the Babe Ruth League of Pasadena.

DBMIX Inc., owned by Grammy Award-winning audio engineer Dan Blessinger, will handle supervision of the installation as well as noise-level measurement and testing reports, Peretz said in the memorandum.

Tuesday’s meeting of the Recreation and Parks Commission will take place at City Yards-Second Floor, at 233 West Mountain Street in Pasadena. The meeting begins at 6 p.m.