Lunar Landing Announced for Rose Bowl

Published : Tuesday, April 9, 2019 | 5:25 AM

In 1969, Apollo 11 made it to the moon and back. In 2019, it’s touching down at the Rose Bowl, before moving onto Costa Mesa.

Billed as “an immersive 360 degree adventure,” Apollo 11 is a novel theatrical presentation with an original narrative and full cast all supported by the Rose Bowl’s new toy, the Lunar Dome and its 40,000-square feet of circular video projection.

Apollo 11 was created to tell the stories behind a historic Moon landing and celebrate the incredible forces that came together to make history and inspire future generations, according to a statement from its production team.

“This truly immersive experience takes you from the thrill of the countdown to the enormous Saturn V rocket launch and on an unforgettable journey to the Moon and back,” director Scott Faris said.

The July 5 show will invite audiences to go on an epic journey to the Moon and back in a story by one Ben, a retired National Aeronautics Space Administration aerospace engineer, recounting those heady days to his granddaughter, whose turn upward toward the stars and away from her smartphone.

“It was a different era back then, and the entire world was watching and rooting for us to get to the Moon,” said Apollo flight director Gerry Griffin. “It’s pretty incredible to think if that was today, how many people would be watching it live and in color. This show really gives you the feeling as if you were there 50 years ago.”

Apollo 11′s world premiere at the historic Pasadena venue will be followed by shows at the Orange County Fair and Event Center in Costa Mesa, and at the Houston Space Center Houston in Texas, as the nation celebrates the 50th anniversary of man’s first steps on the Moon.

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