Pasadena Man Shot and Seriously Injured, Bystander Arrested for Interfering with Police

Published : Saturday, April 27, 2019 | 8:49 AM

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A Pasadena man who was shot and seriously injured early Saturday morning is expected to survive, police said.

Later, a bystander at the scene of the incident was arrested for interfering with officers during the investigation that immediately followed the shooting.

Pasadena Lt. Marcia Taglioretti said the 29-year-old shooting victim was shot in the left thigh and his femur bone was broken.

“He’s in stable condition, but the injury itself was major,” Taglioretti said.

Officers had responded to reports of shots heard in the area of East Orange Grove Boulevard near North Summit Avenue about 2:03 a.m. and when they arrived, found the victim lying on the ground at the southwest corner.

During the investigation that followed, Taglioretti said, a small crowd that gathered was uncooperative and one man disobeyed an officer’s order to stay back.

The pair briefly struggled, she said.

The man allegedly struck a “hand of one of the officers” and was taken into custody for California Penal Code 69, “resisting an executive officer,” which is a more serious version of the common misdemeanor, “resisting arrest.”

PC 69 may be prosecuted as a felony, according to online legal sources.

The officer was not seriously injured, Taglioretti said.

The arrested man was identified as Clydell Bryant, 36, of Pasadena. Online booking records show Bryant is being held in the Pasadena Jail in lieu of $25,000 bail.

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