Police Investigate Potential Threat at Marshall Fundamental Friday Morning, Conclude Target Was Actually Marshall High in Los Feliz

Published : Friday, May 25, 2018 | 10:27 AM

What appeared to be a shooting threat directed against a school called John Marshall led to police and school district responses in both Los Angeles and Pasadena Friday morning.

Out of an “abundance of caution,” Pasadena Police conducted an investigation at John Marshall Fundamental School on North Allen Avenue in response to the Instagram posting and concluded the threat was directed at John Marshall High School in the Los Feliz area of Los Angeles.

Parents in the Pasadena area were alerted by Pasadena Unified that police were on the Marshall campus conducting an investigation and that the students were safe.

Principal Mark Anderson issued a statement which said that while the District did not believe the threat to be credible that they were “taking it seriously.”

Superintendent Dr. Brain McDonald and School Board Member Scott Phelps responded to the campus.

Police soon concluded the threat was aimed at John Marshall in Los Feliz, which Phelps also confirmed, as did Principal Anderson who released a second statement, saying, “This morning students came and reported there was an online posting of a threat against John Marshall. We responded very quickly; we let the parents and police know. The police investigated. They spoke with LAPD, and it was determined that the threat was actually against John Marshall in Los Angeles. LAPD knows who the student is, has the student and are working with that student and his/her family, so there’s no threat here against John Marshall, but the community responded very quickly, and the district supported us as well.”

Los Angeles Police Department Public Information Officer Drake Madison said that the image posted on Instagram was a few years old and was recently reposted with the threat.

Drake also confirmed that school administrators at John Marshall in Los Feliz are dealing with the student and no arrests have been made at this time.


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