Mayor Tornek Delivers Inspiring Words About Volunteerism to High School Students from Steps of City Hall

Published : Friday, October 20, 2017 | 5:18 AM

Nearly 450 Maranatha High School Students trekked on foot over fifteen blocks through Pasadena city streets from the campus at 169 South St. John Avenue to City Hall Thursday morning to hear words of encouragement from Mayor Terry Tornek about the importance of volunteering as the students prepare for community service projects.

The early morning walk gave students the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the city, more closely observe aspects of this community they might not have previously observed, and seek ways they might volunteer their time to meet the needs of others.

“The fact that your school would begin to focus on how you can engage and help your neighbors is really, I think, a tremendous thing,” said Mayor Terry Tornek on the western approach steps of the City Hall. “I believe firmly as part of a good life, you have to have strength in your family, you have to have strength in your career, you have to have faith, and you have to have volunteer work. And the fact the you’re engaging on that last principle really filled me with hope for the future,” said Mayor Terry Tornek on the steps of the city hall.

Maranatha High School will implement a new community service project for the entire student body this year. The walk was intended to inspire students to become more aware of various nonprofits, businesses, and issues that exist inside the city limits and hopefully ti spark a area of focus as to where to volunteer.

“Today’s walk a chance to reflect,” said Maranatha’s marketing director Geoff Hurte. “When you drive through a city you don’t see – you don’t see the experience, but when you walk through, you get the sights and the smells and you can talk about homelessness and crime.”

“You get to see who are these businesses,who are the people that work here, and reflect and pray about how we would serve within this community.” Hurte added.

The students will perform service project days on November 20 and 21 right before Thanksgiving, according to Hurte.

“I’ve always been passionate about social justice and I want to be a lawyer when I grow up. Hearing the mayor talking about how we have so many nonprofits, I feel like now that I know that the opportunity is there, I can pursue the necessary avenues to pursue that,” said 16-year-old Maranatha High School junior Devin Holloman.
Staff and students are expected to serve over 30 different institution within the San Gabriel Valley Pasadena area to provide volunteer hours.

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