Mayoral Candidate Terry Tornek Endorsed by Sierra Club

Published : Friday, February 13, 2015 | 11:47 AM

The Sierra Club announced today that it is endorsing Councilman Terry Tornek for Mayor of Pasadena in the March 10 primary election.

The Club said in a statement its endorsement is “based on Councilman Tornek’s strong support and demonstrated history of working to advance the goals of transforming Pasadena into a forward-looking city that pursues environmental protection and restoration as a vital element in the city’s governance.”

“Terry has a strong environmental record of positive actions supporting protection of Pasadena ‘s Arroyo Seco from undesirable developments, opposing the 710 Freeway extension, and supporting increased acquisition of parkland and open space in Pasadena ,” said Don Bremner, Conservation Chair of the Sierra Club’s Pasadena Group. “Through his active participation in the City Council’s Municipal Services Committee, he is playing a significant role in moving the city away from coal-based electric energy from the Intermountain Power Plant in Utah to increased development of renewable energy sources.”

The statement said the Sierra Club believes Tornek asked to serve on the Municipal Services Committee because he believes that issues related to water and power are some of the most complex that the city must address, and that he wants to fully understand those issues.

The Club’s endorsement announcement also notes that Tornek serves as Chair of the Council’s Finance Committee, “an important position in determining the city’s financial priorities.”

“In addition to his strong environmental credentials, Terry is the most knowledgeable, experienced, articulate, and competent candidate to fulfill the demanding duties of Mayor of Pasadena, a multicultural city of 140,000 with significant diverse populations,” said David Czamanske, Political Chair of the Pasadena Group. “Terry was instrumental in asking hard questions that led to the discovery of a $6.4-million embezzlement scheme that defrauded the Public Works Department’s Underground Utilities Program for many years. This is an example of his high level of competence in addressing complex issues of city government.”

Sierra Club endorsement of candidates for political office is a thorough process that includes evaluation of candidates’ responses to a written questionnaire, interviews by a team of local Sierra Club leaders, and a two-thirds affirmative vote by the Executive Committee of the Club’s local group, the Club’s Los Angeles County Political Committee, and the Club’s Southern California Local Candidate Review Committee, the statement said.

Terry Tornek is a Sierra Club member, a contributing but by no means decisive factor in the endorsement, the annoucement said.

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