Metro Asks: Where Do You Want Metro Bike Share in Pasadena?

Published : Sunday, May 6, 2018 | 4:15 PM


The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority wants input from Pasadena residents about its Bike Share program in the City, which so far is flagging and has not attracted needed levels of ridership to be viable as planned.

At the same time, Pasadena’s Bike Share program has not won any sponsorships or advertising interest, both of which could help ease Pasadena’s share in the costs of operating the system and were orginally expected.

In March, Pasadena’s Department of Transportation said unless Metro secures a title sponsor, fare-box recovery improves substantially, or Metro modifies the program’s terms to be more favorable to Pasadena, “it is unlikely that continued support for the bike share system in Pasadena can be recommended as fiscally prudent.”

Before Pasadena signed off on the memorandum of understanding for the Bike Share program, Metro estimated it could generate between $516,000 and $750,000 per year from title sponsorships; it also estimated a 60 percent fare-box recovery as a best case.

In March, Pasadena reported only an 8 percent recovery rate. In addition, Metro has not yet secured a title sponsorship, and a Request for Proposals for panel advertising on Bike Share stations has failed to gain any interest.

In seeking community feedback, Metro announced in its publication, The Source, that it was considering moving some of the Metro Bike stations in Pasadena to be more effective.

“Metro is constantly looking to improve the bike share system and is interested in relocating some stations in Pasadena to better serve residents and visitors. Whether you use the system every day or have never tried it, your feedback will help us make Metro Bike Share more usable and ensure that Metro Bike Share best serves Pasadena,” Metro said.

The online survey is asking residents to consider the space requirements for a Bike Share station, and what should be the criteria for choosing stations sites.

The survey includes a map where survey takers can indicate the areas where they’d want a Bike Share station to be located.

Deadline for comments in the survey is Friday, May 18.

To access the survey and provide input, visit

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