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Mijares Restaurant Anniversary ‘Fiesta’ Marks Restaurant’s 97th Year in Pasadena

Published: Monday, August 21, 2017 | 3:47 PM

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Mijares Mexican Restaurant is celebrating its 97th anniversary on September 14 with a “little fiesta” in their two locations in Pasadena, honoring the founder, Jesucita Mijares, who came to Pasadena and opened a small tortilla factory more than 80 years ago, after fleeing from the perils of the Mexican Revolution.


Jesucita’s granddaughter, R-lene Mijares De Lang, Partner and General Manager at Mijares, says they’re having a private event at their private banquet room, with their tequila vendors and a buffet and margaritas, beer, and wine – and a mariachi band.


“That’s a private party, a little fiesta which is $40 a person and reservations are required,” De Lang says. “And then in the rest of our restaurant, we will have promotions of beer, of other tequilas, and free samples, complimentary samples. We will have our taco Thursday which we have every week. We will also have an anniversary gift for our customers, until they run out.”


As the story goes, Jesucita’s small tortilla factory quickly became known for its tiny restaurant featuring her original recipes, tortillas, tamales and sauces made with her metate stone grinder carried from Mexico.


Today, Mijares Mexican Restaurant is Pasadena’s oldest and finest Mexican restaurant and known for its authentic regional and traditional cuisine, famous margaritas, and festive patio dining.


Mijares now has two locations in Pasadena – one at 145 Palmetto Drive, and the other at 1806 E. Washington Blvd. ready to serve those who are looking for the traditional and authentic Mexican dining experience.


“Our brunch is fantastic. It always gets voted best brunch in Pasadena, as well as our margarita and our food,” says De Lang. “But we still cook the way our grandmother demanded we cook, and that’s with a volcanic stone grinder. We don’t use a blender for our sauces – it’s a stone grinder for tamales and enchiladas, and all our fresh chillis that come from New Mexico.”


The management of the restaurants also remains a family tradition. De Lang’s partner and co-owner is her mother, Alice Mijares, Jesucita’s daughter. Alice is 85 years old and is “still the number one boss here,” De Land adds.


“We are completely family-run,” she says. “It’s myself, my mother – our father passed away unfortunately, but my brother Tom is the manager.

My sister Tina runs our office and my niece Mary Alice – she is fourth generation – she’s a waitress and learning to be a bartender, so we try to keep it in the family.”


The founder Jesucita passed away in 1988 and passed on the legacy to her family, along with her motto, “Mi casa es su casa,” meaning “My house is your house.”


The banquet room at Mijares – which can accommodate anywhere from 20 to 150 people – is actually the founder’s former home, as De Lang relates.


“Fifteen years ago, we knocked down her home and build a banquet room so it’s a special place,” says De Lang. “And then we have lots of patios and nice areas to sit.”


In 2007, Mijares Restaurant was featured in the Patterson Beverage Journal; that year, Arlene, who likes her name spelled R-lene, was interviewed with her mother Alice on the “Happy Hour Show” on 97.1 Radio. They were with Julio Gonzales, Sauza Tequila Global Brand Ambassador, at a time when Mirajes was Sauza’s leading on-premise account.


In 2008, Mijares was also awarded Best Traditional Mexican Cuisine by Boulevard Magazine.


De Lang says they’d like everybody to come on the anniversary date in their fiesta clothes and celebrate with them.


“The street tacos will be available, the chef will also have some specials,” De Lang says. “It’s going to be something great, because everything he does is really great.”


Mijares hosts birthday parties, holiday parties, wedding receptions and all other kinds of banquets at their Banquet Room. They also do catering, bringing the delicious buffet to your location, and serves to special events as well.


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