Missing Word Misses the Message

Truncated newsletter headline misstates Councilmember Gordo’s position on Rose Bowl Company position; he reiterates his Board-level commitment

Published : Wednesday, September 25, 2019 | 4:58 AM

For the want of a word, the message was lost. A technical glitch Tuesday morning caused the last word in a headline to be hidden in Pasadena Now’s morning newsletter, atop an article about Councilmember Victor Gordo’s longtime involvement in the Rose Bowl.

The “missing word” headline implied that Gordo would be leaving his position as the City Council’s representative to the stadium. Not true. He will step down from the Rose Bowl Operating Company (RBOC) Presidency, but not from the Board itself.

The City Council, in fact, reaffirmed his position Monday evening. (A last-minute substitute motion by Councilmember John Kennedy to install Margaret McAustin into the position failed to receive a second.)

In a conversation with Pasadena Now early Tuesday morning, Gordo reiterated his longtime connection with Pasadena’s hometown stadium, and his reasons for stepping away from its RBOC’s leadership but remaining on the Board.

“The Rose Bowl is intended to be an economic engine. It’s the heart and soul of the city and always remains that,” Gordo said.

“Ten years, that’s a long time,” he said, looking back over his RBOC Presidency. “There were times when that seemed to be all I did. More than City Council, and sometimes, my own job [Gordo is an attorney]. The Board only meets once a month, but there are decisions that need to be made daily. It really is that type of position.”


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