New Restaurant Report: Mixxing it Up Again


By EDDIE RIVERA, Community Editor

4:26 pm | November 22, 2017

It’s no secret that Pasadena has a startling number of restaurants of every stripe to choose from. From fast food to slow food, casual to don’t-even-think of wearing-that-in-here. From charbroil to chutney, udon to umami, burritos to brisket, okay, okay, you get the idea.

In the midst of all of this a new restaurant has caught our ever-hungry eye. You might know The Mixx from its former Old Pasadena location, but it’s moved. They now occupy the former home of Terrace Restaurant, further east, on the corner of Colorado and Los Robles.

We checked in with owner Ed Minassian the other day, for the full 411 on the new spot. He explained a little past, present and future for us.

“I was in the restaurant business going back to 2001,” he said. “I was in Old Pasadena, and we wanted to do something different that would involve more food-based, and restaurant-based with a great menu, and have an entertainment component attached to it.”

Minassian explained further, “We have a very talented chef. His name is Jeremy Zimmerman. He is from Kansas City, and the South originally, and his specialty is in the barbecue and the beef items of the menu. So he likes to smoke and age his beef, pork, pork chops, fish. So it’s very different from the rest of what’s on Colorado these days.”

Zimmerman does bring a long and varied history with him. He began his career working at a neighborhood restaurant in Kansas City near his home. It was there that he learned to love food and cooking.

He began expanding his learning and repertoire, working with and learning from expert chefs like Michael Smith and Debbie Gold at the five-star The American Restaurant. Jeremy also learned from guest chefs like the late Julia Childs, Jean Louis Palladin, Patrick Clark, Charlie Trotter, and Lidia Bastianich.

Zimmerman then met his mentor Chef Guillaume Burlion at The Wild Boar Restaurant in Nashville, Tennessee, developing a passion for French cuisine.

He spent 14 years training under Guillaume Burlion and the two worked together to cook award winning meals for the James Beard House and President Bill Clinton.

Eventually Zimmerman moved to Los Angeles to become the sous chef at the Sunset Marquis Hotel, eventually becoming executive chef.

Said Minassian, “I was introduced to Chef Zimmerman and I liked his style of cooking and what he can do with the same types of food, but with a different spin. All with fresh ingredients. That’s the important part, we don’t use frozen items like some restaurants do.”

Minassian also hopes to combine his idea of fine American dining with live entertainment.

“I like to enjoy a good meal with a great entertainment while I’m dining,” he said. “So I will bring that to Pasadena now.”

Beginning the first weekend of December, The Mixx will feature entertainment during dinner service, on “Party Fridays,” and possibly extending the music to Thursday.

According to Minassian, the restaurant will feature a great wine selection, with “a variety of fresh ingredients for other alcoholic drinks.”

Speaking of fresh, Minassian also highlighted the restaurant’s emphasis on local ingredients. “We get almost all of our produce from local growers,” he said.

The menu? It’s a lot of stylish and seductive American comfort food, with a number of surprises built in. We’ll have a full review on The Mixx next week.

The Mixx is at 443 E Colorado Blvd.. (626) 500-0021.