More Scholarships Awarded by Shakespeare Club

Front: Christopher Gonzalez (John Marshall Fundamental), Danielle Farias (Pasadena High School), Andrea De La Torre (John Muir High School), Pepper Campbell (Blair High School). Rear: Philanthropy Chairman Lou Ann Heintz, Dr. Elizabeth Pomeroy (PUSD Board of Education), Mayor Terry Tornek, President Janet BeggsChristopher Gonzalez (John Marshall Fundamental), Pepper Campbell (Blair High School), Mayor Terry Tornek, Danielle Farias (Pasadena High School), Andrea De La Torre (John Muir High School)Shakespeare Club Member and Blair High School Counselor Kathy AndersonShakespeare Club Philanthropy Chairman presents creative writer Pepper Campbell (Blair High School) with her scholarship.Philanthropy Chairman Lou Ann Heintz and Andrea De La Torre (John Muir High School)Philanthropy Chairman Lou Ann Heintz and Danielle Farias (Pasadena High School) Christopher Gonzalez (John Marshall Fundamental)Christopher Gonzalez (John Marshall Fundamental) receives his scholarship from Philanthropy Chairman Lou Ann HeintzDr. Elizabeth Pomeroy (Pasadena Unified School District) congratulates the scholarship recipientsMayor Terry Tornek addresses scholarship recipients at The Shakespeare Club

By JANET BEGGS | Photos by Kathy Gandara

1:11 pm | May 27, 2019

Continuing its 63-year tradition of awarding scholarships to a graduating senior from each of the schools in the Pasadena Unified School District, the Shakespeare Club hosted four very worthy recipients, their parents and counselors at the annual Scholarship Luncheon on May 21, 2019. The recipients of the $2,000 scholarships are selected by their school counselors based upon a criteria set by the Shakespeare Club.

President Janet Beggs welcomed the students, sharing with them that the club believes in the multi-generational wisdom of women and that the most important word in that phrase is wisdom. She asked the scholarship recipients to seek life experience and wisdom along with their educations. Claudette Burdick, the Philanthropy Committee’s Student Liason, offered an encouraging invocation. Following luncheon, Philanthropy Chairman Lou Ann Heintz introduced each of the school counselors who in turn introduced the scholarship recipients.

Pepper Campbell (Blair High School), Danielle Farias (Pasadena High School), Andrea De La Torre (John Muir High School), and Christopher Gonzalez (John Marshall Fundamental) each spoke from the podium, telling the club of their educational plans for the future.

Pasadena Unified School District President Dr. Elizabeth Pomeroy spoke briefly, thanking the club and the counselors and congratulating the scholarship recipients. Pasadena Mayor Terry Tornek rounded out the program, addressing each of the students and their plans for the future.

The scholarships are funded by the hard work of the members of the Shakespeare Club. The majority of the funding comes from the Philanthropy  Committee’s annual April fashion show which is open to the public. This year the club was fortunate to have filming occur on premises and a  percentage of all filming revenue was transferred to the scholarship account.

The club participates in many philanthropic and community service projects throughout the year and welcomes those interested in knowing more about the club to refer to its website at