Muir Takes Turkey Tussle, Beats Pasadena High School 32-21

Muir Bests PHS in 2013 Turkey TussleMuir Bests PHS in 2013 Turkey TussleMuir Bests PHS in 2013 Turkey TussleMuir Bests PHS in 2013 Turkey TussleMuir Bests PHS in 2013 Turkey TussleMuir Bests PHS in 2013 Turkey TussleMuir Bests PHS in 2013 Turkey TussleMuir Bests PHS in 2013 Turkey TussleMuir Bests PHS in 2013 Turkey Tussle


5:51 am | November 9, 2013

The 67th edition of the Turkey Tussle between the Pasadena Bulldogs and the John Muir High Mustangs played out at the Rose Bowl Friday night, dividing a town and a year full of bragging rights and most importantly the ringing of a victory bell were at stake.

The Mustangs have won the last 15 meeting between the two schools, but the Bulldogs put up a valiant fight.

It was a compelling, entertaining first half with John Muir taking the early 13-0 lead. But led by #1 Wide Receiver Tyrek Evans, the Bulldogs took a one point lead 14-13 after a pair of touchdown grabs by the sophomore.

The seesaw battle then took another turn when Muir took the lead a t halftime by a margin of 19-14. At halftime the crowd was entertained by the Pasadena High Dance Squad as well as the John Muir HIgh School Band.

The Annual Turkey Tussle Football Game tradition began in 1947 when the game was played between Pasadena Community College and John Muir Junior College. The two schools played until 1953. In 1954 the annual rivalry was played between what is now Pasadena High School and John Muir High School.

The night started off with tailgating and a barbeque on the John Muir side, DJ Severe (who bills himself as the Official DJ of the Los Angeles Galaxy Soccer Club) was mixing the tunes and keeping things lively for the spirited fans.

Severe said that “the crowd is really into the social aspect and everyone is having a good time”. He also commented that “I think the crowd really understands the history and friendly rivalry that exists between these two schools.”

When two cross town rivals meet the records can be thrown out the window. The players usually know each other well, and may have attended elementary and junior high with their opponents.

The 3,000 plus strong crowd was vocal and fervent for their respective teams. Even though Pasadena High School sports a 1-8 record, rebuilding has began with first year Coach Doug Bledsoe, who has endured a tough year after the Bulldogs reached the playoffs last year with a 6-5 mark.

The John Muir Cheerleaders were leading cheers directed towards their rivals with a chant of “the dogs are in the house, if you see them point them out” which drew hearty applause from the Muir sidelines.

Muir opened the second half with a touchdown drive culminating in a touchdown by grab by Daniel Cervantes for a 23 yard TD, after Quarterback Dejon Williams evaded two tacklers and threw a bullet to Cervantes extending the lead to 25-14.

Each team would add a touchdown to make the final score 32-21 in favor of John Muir for their 15th win in a row in the series.

Muir supporter Chanel Williams said that “the cheerleaders really helped the team in the second half,” and it was hard to argue with that logic considering the fire and intensity that Muir came out with to start the second half.

On this chilly night, these young men got the opportunity to display their skills at a stadium that is practically in their own backyard.

John Muir begins their hunt for a CIF title, CIF playoffs kick off next week.