MUSE/IQUE's 2018-2019 Uncorked Series Continues with SINGING/STORIES

Worby is joined by special guest vocalists Ashley Faatoalia and Liv Redpath, Jessica Fichot, voice and accordion, Mike Valerio, voice and bass, Alan Steinberger, piano, Andrew Synowiec, guitar, and Ted Atkatz, percussion

Published : Thursday, November 8, 2018 | 1:34 PM

MUSE/IQUE continues its signature Uncorked series on Sunday, December 2, 2018, with SINGING/STORIES, a mixed-genre evening that explores the unifying force of storytelling through song, featuring special guest vocalists Ashley Faatoalia and Liv Redpath, Jessica Fichot, voice and accordion, Mike Valerio, voice and bass, with pianist Alan Steinberger, guitarist Andrew Synowiec, and percussionist Ted Atkatz, led by MUSE/IQUE Founder and Artistic Director Rachael Worby.

In the MUSE/IQUE tradition of creating collaborative experiences that connect the venue environment to the performance, the audience will be seated in the round on the stage of the Pasadena Civic Auditorium, for an intimate evening that emphasizes our universal connectedness through songs.

Early human communication began with song. Throughout history, stories of previous generations have been kept alive through the power of music. From Franz Schubert to Ray Charles, Paul Simon, Joni Mitchell, and Bob Dylan, SINGING/STORIES takes a deeper look into songs that uniquely illustrate the universal stories that are an essential part of understanding the human experience.

MUSE/IQUE’s 2018-2019 Uncorked series is an exploration of the role of songs in our lives from the ditties we sing in our cars to love ballads to anthems of healing and beyond. The Uncorked experience is designed to break conventions by eliminating barriers, deconstructing music, and carefully curating experiences within improvised urban venues for extraordinary performances. Venues include warehouses, factories, schools, and iconic cultural locales in Pasadena. MUSE/IQUE partners with inspiring artists who share their passion for collaborative exploration of non-traditional performance. Each Uncorked performance is preceded by a wine reception and opportunities to mingle and explore the iconic locales that serve as the impromptu venues for the series.

Upcoming 2018-2019 Uncorked events include:

ACAPELLA/AWAKENING, Sunday, January 27, 2019
Songs are universal vehicles of personal discovery that reveal great beauty and meaning. This event will explore the human voice in its many combinations and talents and how those permutations–from quirky fun to deeply spiritual–inform and express who we are.
Programming and venue to be announced.

UNRESTRAINED/REFRAINS, Sunday, March 31, 2019
Garages are where people experiment, work, play, store tools (of course), and occasionally park their cars. For many, including musicians, they’re an endless playground, ripe with creative possibilities for ideas and songs to come alive. Join tap dancer Savion Glover and violinist Charles Yang for the MUSE/IQUE version of a garage-inspired jam session.
Programming and venue to be announced.

SWINGING/STARS, Sunday May 19, 2019
The cosmos inspires us to wonder and dream without limitations and connects us to the greater universe that is an intrinsic part of our existence. The sky and stars above us have inspired music-making throughout history. From Gustav Holst to David Bowie, we will explore the inextricable link between the cosmos and song, illuminating our place in the world.
Programming and venue to be announced.

MUSE/IQUE AT ARTNIGHT, Friday, March 8, 2019, Paseo Colorado Garfield Promenade
MUSE/IQUE’s annual FREE family-friendly dance party returns to the Paseo Colorado and Pasadena’s ArtNight.


MUSE/IQUE is a dynamic, nonprofit organization that creates exhilarating live music adventures. Presenting performances at landmark locations throughout Pasadena, MUSE/IQUE goes beyond the concert hall and into the community with spectacularly intimate performances which combine music, movement, and ideas from a diverse range of genres. Under the leadership of renowned Artistic Director Rachael Worby, MUSE/IQUE’s artistic collective consists of an acclaimed orchestra and top musicians from the worlds of jazz, rock, blues, gospel, and more, along with today’s best singers, dancers, and thinkers. Together with an enthusiastic and growing audience base, these artists reimagine the possibilities for the live music experience. Founded in 2011, MUSE/IQUE is a membership driven organization presenting nine major public events each year as well as a wide range of education and community engagement programs.

UNCORKED – MUSE/IQUE’s signature series UNCORKED consists of five live music events set in unexpected places. Each event is curated around a theme that ties directly or subliminally to the physical environment. With mixed eclectic seating for 400-600, UNCORKED emphasizes intimate, shared experiences that enliven audience thinking.

MUSE/IQUE’s SUMMER SERIES – MUSE/IQUE launched its inaugural summer series at The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens in June 2018. The centerpiece orchestral festival of the programming year, MUSE/IQUE’s summer series is comprised of three performances featuring a full orchestra and enriched repertoire. The entire series is curated around one unifying theme that incorporates music, literature, visual art, and performance art.

MUSE/IQUE AT ARTNIGHT – MUSE/IQUE produces one free live music event annually in conjunction with Pasadena’s city-wide ArtNight Festival. This family-friendly series is a participatory dance party that serves 5,000-6,000 in the plaza of Paseo Colorado’s Garfield Promenade.

MUSE/IQUE COMMUNITY – MUSE/IQUE creates curriculum-based, small group music interactions that engage participants in a deeper experience of the repertoire and ideas behind each event. Formerly known as KIDS/IQUE, these community programs began serving foster and at-risk youth and have expanded to serve senior citizens, families in need, and other local groups at our partnering organizations.





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