National Charity League Ticktockers Host a Club 21 Dance-A-Thon

Having a fun at Club 21 friend, Kelly Diehl, Kiki Shuster, Annie Diehl, Nicole Probert, Shelly Torrealba Caroline Nowak, Charlotte Holder, Ava Miralles, McKenzie MintoAshley McCorkle, Ashley Slocum, Chloe Baker, Catie SanchezChrista Ellis, Sammy Sohl, Cailin Beadles, Caroline KnopEllie Dick, Katie Arnold, Kate Penner, Carolyn Pasqualetto, Megan ClancyDancing at Club 21McKenzie Minto and Emma paintingNicole Probert and JessicaQuincy Foster, Sarah Montgomery, Juan, Olivia Nouriani, Piper Lewis, Toby, Ava Miralles, Charlotte HolderWallis Herzog and Club 21 familyChrista Ellis and LorenzoDevin Aubert and Club 21 friend in tutusKiki Shuster and Estele


12:41 pm | February 28, 2014

The National Charity League, Inc., Pasadena Area Chapter held a Dance-A-Thon for the families of Club 21 Learning and Resource Center. The NCL girls (Ticktockers), ranging from grades 7 through 12, hosted approximately 125 family members from Club 21 at the event. Club 21 is a Pasadena-based organization that promotes knowledge and resources that enable individuals with Down syndrome to be fully included in our society. NCL Ticktockers and their mothers support and participate in many Club 21 programs including First Steps, Learning Program, Tools for the Journey annual conference and the summer bike camp. The five hour Dance-A-Thon not only included dancing but also fun activities and games along with delicious food. The event was enjoyed by all participants with much laughter and connection between Club 21 families and the NCL Ticktockers.

Each year, the NCL Ticktocker Council, which is comprised of girls from each grade level, organizes a Chapter-wide event. This year the Council voted to do something special for the members of Club 21 and the Dance-A-Thon idea was born.
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