National Hispanic Media Coalition Launches New Low Power FM Station in Pasadena

NHMC Launches LPFM Radio StationNHMC Launches LPFM Radio StationNHMC Launches LPFM Radio StationNHMC Launches LPFM Radio Station


4:33 am | October 4, 2017

The National Hispanic Media Coalition Tuesday celebrated the launch of KHBG-LP 101.5 FM, a brand new low power FM radio station to serve as “a source of cultural, entertainment, and political news affecting the Pasadena community.”

“We are enthusiastic about using our station to amplify underrepresented voices and to call for more culturally-relevant programming,” said Alex Nogales, President, and CEO of the National Hispanic Media Coalition.

“We will use this platform to fill the gaps that exist in the local media landscape today so that Latinos and non-Latinos are able to have a larger community conversation — about their thoughts, concerns, ideas and dreams about the past, present, and future, ” Nogales said.

The Federal Communications Commission established Low Power FM, or LPFM, as a new designated class of radio station in 2000. These stations were allowed to operate at 1–10 or 50–100 watts of power, compared to the minimum requirement for most commercial stations at 100 watts. (47 C.F.R. 73.211).

Representatives of the National Hispanic Media Coalition helped lobby Congress to create the new radio designation, and the Coalition’s station in Pasadena is one of the first to go online locally, with a range of approximately ten miles.

“We will broadcast from 5 a.m. to 9 a.m.,” said Nogales.

“That’s the slot we chose, although we realized a lot of our audience might be sleeping then,” he added jokingly.

The Coalition’s broadcast will play during weekday morning drive time hours and the first episodes of most shows are now available online at, where they are live streamed and archived.

The station’s new shows will include “Straight UP!,” hosted by Brenda Castillo Nogales, discussing anything and everything related to the human experience, including subjects that people shy away from like religion, sex, and politics; “Your Voice,” a community talk show where community leaders share their stories and discuss what’s happening in their own communities; and “Millennials Meet World,” hosted by Cruz Castillo, which “delves into the psyche of what it means to be one of the most controversial generations in U.S. history with each episode exploring what it means to be a millennial in this world through all its sub-cultures,” according to the station’s formal announcement.

Juliana Serrano, Vice Chair of the Pasadena Latino Coalition, will also host “Pasadena and Beyond,” a community talk show, discussing health, art, politics, business, and social justice meant to connect and empower Pasadena residents.

“The City of Pasadena is delighted that the National Hispanic Media Coalition decided to have their Radio Station, KHBG-LP 101.5 FM in our great city,” said Mayor of Pasadena Terry Tornek. “I’m eager for our residents to learn more about the city and services via NHMC’s media platforms.”

“We were no longer begging or demanding to be heard, ” stated Brenda Castillo Nogales, station manager & host of 101.5’s “Straight UP! “We have now empowered ourselves.”

Listeners may tune in live from 5 AM – 9 AM on 101.5 FM in Pasadena or by visiting for streaming capabilities. NHMC’s podcasts can also be found at