New Addiction Treatment Center Offers Hope

New Addiction Treatment Center Offers HopeL-R: Dr. Daniel Asimus, Dan Markel and Brian NewtonL-R: Dr. Daniel Asimus, Dan Markel and Brian NewtonNew Addiction Treatment Center Offers HopeNew Addiction Treatment Center Offers Hope

Story and Photography by VERONICA AN

5:22 pm | February 18, 2016

Addiction is never something that’s easy to talk about, but it is a problem on a national scale that need to be addressed. In addition to the emotional and physical toll it takes, drug and alcohol addiction take a toll on society.

One way to address this is to work from the ground up and provide comprehensive community-oriented support for people seeking treatment. My Life Recovery Center opened its Pasadena branch today, it is the 15th center to open in the United States.

They provide comprehensive care for people facing addiction including mental health experts, doctors and an innovative medication delivery system of Naltrexone, an FDA-approved drug that helps treat additions.

“Naltrexone parks in the same nerve receptor parking spot as other opiates [like drugs, presentation painkillers and alcohol],” explained Dr. Daniel Asimus, medical director of My Life Recovery Center.

This drug helps reduce cravings and makes it easier for patients to focus on regaining their health, happiness and success. My Life Recovery Centers use a patented Naltrexone implant which delivers the drug in small doses at for months at a time – this ten minute procedure ensures that patients will get a consistent amount of Naltrexone during their recovery.

My Life Recovery Center uses these slow release Naltrexone implants in conjunction with six to twelve months of medical care. They work with patients from the initial detox through life coaching to help make health a lifestyle.

“We’re working with the total person to really help them know themselves and achieve health, happiness and success,” said Dr. Asimus. “[Addiction] is disease not a choice and we’re here to help people rediscover their lives.”

My Life Recovery Center is located at 675 South Arroyo Parkway Suite 430 , Pasadena. Call (888) 998-1568 or visit for more details.