New City Program Gives Residents Unprecedented Information on How They Use Water, Even Offers "Leak Alerts"

Published : Sunday, August 21, 2016 | 3:47 AM

Artist's visualization of general appearance of the anticipated WaterSmart reports

Early next month, Pasadena Water and Power will start mailing Home Water Reports to single-family residential customers as part of its WaterSmart program, which uses a web-based app and direct mail to engage customers.

Gurcharan Bawa, PWP Interim General Manager, said WaterSmart encourages water efficiency through behavioral motivation and change. The Home Water Reports will carry information on each residential customer’s water consumption, comparison data for households and conservation tips.

Based on customer activity, the report will also highlight available PWP incentives and programs.

With the first Home Water Report release, the WaterSmart program web portal will begin to allow customers to access report information, track their water use, view customized recommendations and take actions to save water.

The web portal will also provide customers with a historic trend analysis, seasonal use comparison, a pie chart illustrating estimated water usage in different areas of the home, a “My Action Plan,” and “neighbor” comparisons.

A Water Efficiency Dashboard on the portal will allow PWP staff to provide customer relationship management, customer consumption analysis, utility consumption analysis, and even leak and high use alerts and analysis.

The first release of Home Water Reports will be sent to about 30,000 PWP customers.

The WaterSmart program will be handled by WaterSmart Software, which the City of Pasadena contracted last year to launch the program and subsequently launch the web portal.

With the start of WaterSmart, PWP’s residential customers will receive six bimonthly Home Water Reports for the first year and four quarterly reports in the second and third years.

In June, PWP mailed WaterSmart welcome letters to its single-family customers to prepare them for the official launch.

Pasadena continues to implement water conservation targets although the state has since retired the city’s 26 percent water conservation target in favor of the Reliability Stress Test. The City’s Level 2 Water Supply Shortage plan is still in effect and limits outdoor watering to two days a week in the spring and summer, and one day a week in the fall and winter.

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