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New Contemporary Japanese Style Deli Set to Open in Old Pasadena

Published: Thursday, May 18, 2017 | 9:33 AM

Off the heels of celebrating their 4th anniversary this past April, Osawa is proud to announce the opening of their newest concept, Delicatessen by Osawa, a contemporary Japanese style  delicatessen that will officially open in the heart of Pasadena on Monday, May 22.


This first contemporary Japanese deli-style restaurant in Los Angeles is from none other than the force behind  Osawa, Owner Sayuri Tachibe and Executive Chef Shigefumi Tachibe, who has been enjoying getting back to his creative culinary roots at Osawa after a successful career as Executive Chef of the CHAYA Restaurant Group and M Café for over thirty years.


The chef who helped introduce “fusion” to the world in the early eighties and who single handedly created Tuna Tartare, a signature dish on just about every menu today. Chef Tachibe and wife Sayuri have been envisioning Delicatessen by Osawa for some time now.


“We wanted to introduce a Japanese style deli that prepares fresh and traditional Japanese cuisine in a contemporary and healthy way, in a fast-casual environment,” says Sayuri.


With Chef Tachibe’s career and dedication to the culinary arts, including a chef knife on display at the National Museum of American History from the Smithsonian Collection, it is understandable that he would want to hand-pick the chef to lead the kitchen and oversee Delicatessen by Osawa. Chef Tachibe found the perfect match to meet his high-standards in longtime apprentice Executive Chef Tetsuya Osaki.


For over thirty years, Chef Osaki has enjoyed a distinguished career spanning over three continents including Japan, Europe and The United States, working in the sophisticated kitchens of JiRaffe, Chinois on Main, and over a decade with the CHAYA Restaurant Group. He made his mark most notably at Chaya Brasserie San Francisco as the Executive Chef and he also spent time at Anderson Bakery and DELICA in San Francisco as well. After recently relocating to Los Angeles to work with Chef Tachibe on the creation of Delicatessen by Osawa, Chef Osaki has fused his foundations in classic French techniques with the flavors and ingredients of his native Japan, creating an exciting and contemporary offering something for every palate.


The Deli selections are fresh and completely unique to Delicatessen by Osawa, demonstrating the harmony of Japanese flavors, with dishes such as the Organic Mixed Seaweed made with fresh mixed wakame and nori seasoned with sesame soy vinaigrette. Get earthy with the Hijiki & Soy Beans, featuring Hijiki seaweed, assorted beans and konnyaku mixed with fresh mizuna and daikon, and seasoned with sweet soy shiitake mushroom broth. The Potato & Edamame is not your typical picnic potato salad, but instead is prepared with russet potatoes, snap peas, edamame & hearts of romaine, seasoned with wasabi mustard sauce and topped with micro wasabi. Turn the heat up with the Sweet & Spicy Marinated Tofu, composed of organic tofu topped with ginger flavored Japanese eggplant and Anaheim chili, dressed  with soy sake dashi and gochujang, or the Gobo, Renkon Kinpira, a mix of fresh burdock roots, lotus roots, konnyaku, mizuna, carrot, onion & celery dressed with spicy sesame sauce. For a satisfying crunch, there is the Kinboshi Daikon, a mix of dried daikon, carrot, celery, cucumber and jicama with a yuzu vinaigrette, or the Ginger Cucumber, cucumber, mizuna, endive and cherry tomato tossed with ginger lemon vinaigrette. For a perfect blend of East meets West, there is the Kale & Spinach Ohitashi, featuring fresh kale, spinach and quinoa topped with sesame seeds, bonito flakes and kizami wasabi, or the Slow Roasted Beets, comprised of red and golden beets slowly roasted and mixed with frisée and kale mixed with balsamic vinaigrette. For some additional protein, there is the Nanban Zuke (Japanese Escabeche), with fresh fish and vegetables seasoned in soy ginger vinaigrette, or the Assorted Inari Sushi, comprised of sweet soy seasoned inari on a bed of rice.


Soups are offered to sooth the soul, beginning with a traditional Miso Soup, and for an additional zing the Ginger Carrot Soup is made of slowly simmered sweet carrot flavored with hint of ginger.


The Hot Items section begin with the very addictive Potato Croquette, a lightly fried mix of mashed potato covered in panko, or the delectably indulgent Crab Cream Croquette, lightly fried mix of fresh crab meat covered in panko. Familiar favorites await with the Kushi Pork Katsu, thinly sliced pork tenderloin lightly fried and covered in panko, and the Organic Chicken Karaage, Japanese style fried chicken, served with spicy sriracha sauce. Get comfy with the Beef or Vegetarian Curry: first the Vegetarian, Delicatessen by Osawa’s delicious house made curry made with all vegetarians in mind. For meat-lovers there is the Beef & Vegetable Curry, that makes for the perfect comfort dish on any given day. The sweet soy sauce Braised Beef Niku Jaga is sure to hit the spot, or swap red meat for the Kushi Tofu & Chicken Dumpling, featuring a lightly seasoned mix of ground chicken, tofu and vegetables with a Usukuchi soy sauce mix.


For a delicious and healthy meal, look no further than the assortment of Entrée Salads, with choices such as the Tuna Tataki Salad, featuring lightly seared tuna seasoned with soy mix on a bed of fresh mixed vegetables. Add some texture with the Organic Crunchy Chicken Salad, with seasoned tender organic chicken breast topped with crunchy fried wonton skins on top of fresh mixed greens, or the Fried Shrimp Soba Noodle Salad, made with perfectly cooked buckwheat noodles served over fresh greens that are dressed with sesame soy sauce and topped with crunchy shrimp tempura. Rich in Omega-3, the Seared Escalope Salmon Salad features poached seasoned salmon on top of a mizuna and arugula salad with a ginger garlic mustard dressing.


Rice bowls, or Donburi, are the cornerstone of any delicious Japanese meal. Go for the classic traditional Chicken Oyako Don, with a lightly seasoned mix of egg, chicken and onions on a bed of steamed rice. As familiar as a cozy beef stew, the Sukiyaki Don features a mix of beef, tofu, shitake mushroom and spinach in sweet soy sake sauce and served on top of steamed rice. For lighter fare, order the Soy Glazed Black Cod Don, comprised of perfectly broiled soy marinated black cod on top of steamed rice and served with steamed broccoli, asparagus and shitake mushroom. For vegetarians, there is the Assorted Sozai Veggie Don, a mix of assorted Japanese vegetables tossed in sesame soy gochujang sauce, also served on top of steamed rice.


The Grab & Go section is available for diners on the dash, offering pre-packaged selections such as the Delicatessen By Osawa daily Bento Boxes like the Shokado Bento Box, Sozai Mixed Bento, Salmon Miso Bento, and BBQ Chicken Bento. Fresh Sushi, such as the Spicy Tuna Roll, Battera Sushi, California Roll and the Cucumber Avocado Roll are also available, as well as handy snacks like Edamame, Salmon & Takana Musubi, or the Ume Shiso Musubi. Yakimeshi, or Japanese fried rice, is also deliciously filling and ready to be taken home or back to the office.


A bright, clean interior with warm wood finished tables and ceilings awaits invited guests. The sleek open kitchen is on full view with mouth-watering salads on display, sure to stimulate the appetite. For a special touch of Omotenashi, Japan’s exquisite art of hospitality that Osawa is known for, there will be familiar faces to bridge the experience from Osawa to Delicatessen by Osawa, proving it does not matter how formal or fast-casual an eatery is, uncompromising hospitality is integral both culturally and philosophically.


Located on Cordova Street, just off Lake Avenue in Pasadena, a nectarous adventure unlike any other in all of Los Angeles deliciously awaits guests at Delicatessen by Osawa!


Delicatessen by Osawa is open every Monday through Saturday from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm. For more information, please
visit or call Delicatessen by Osawa directly at (626) 844.8788

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