New Emergency Responders Radio System Tested for First Time During Rose Parade

Published : Tuesday, January 12, 2016 | 11:28 AM

First responders assigned to monitor the safety and security of residents and visitors during the 127th Rose Parade in Pasadena were equipped with handheld devices that looked pretty much like smartphones but worked with a lot more advanced features.

Motorola Solutions, which provided the devices and the system itself – called the Los Angeles Regional Interoperable Communications System (LA-RICS) – is reporting that this first real-world demonstration of the infrastructure at the Pasadena Rose Parade was successful.

Using the devices, responders were able communicate with push-to-talk ease with their command centers and with other responders in the area, and exchanged photos, maps, video and data that helped them act better individually or as a team, the company said.

It showed how broadband-enabled tools in the hands of first responders enhanced their abilities to protect the estimated 750,000 attendees at the parade along the 5.5-mile route.

“The successful LA-RICS demonstration at the Rose Parade created an ideal platform to showcase Motorola Solutions’ best-in-class devices, software and services that improve public safety,” said Mark Schmidl, Vice President of sales for Motorola Solutions. “It has been our privilege to build the nation’s largest dedicated public safety broadband network, which will significantly enhance safety throughout the Los Angeles area.”

The first responders were equipped with Motorola Solutions’ LEX L10 Mission Critical handheld devices, which handled voice, video and data communications between field personnel and their command centers with ease throughout the parade. Motorola said the devices and its WAVE connectivity software helped first responders maximize the LA-RICS system and raise public safety communications to a new level.

With the Rose Parade demonstration, Motorola and its partner public safety agencies were able to prove that LA-RICS can be an essential element during large public events, where crowds could overwhelm commercial broadband networks.

Motorola Solutions also used other applications during the parade including Compasscom Converged Services, which enhanced situational awareness capabilities by displaying the location of other public safety users on a map on the LEX L10 devices and at the command post.

Motorola Solutions’ VML 750 broadband modems also streamed video wirelessly from vehicles and from fixed cameras back to command centers and broadband devices on the public safety network.


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