New Pasadena Boarding School on Former University Campus Submits Plans for Demolitions

Published : Monday, December 10, 2018 | 7:28 PM

[Updated] Pasadena’s Design Commission on Tuesday will hear plans by EF Education First, the Switzerland-based international education company that recently bought the former William Carey International University property in the north-central area of Pasadena, to start demolishing structures on the campus and build a new dormitory for what is going to be known as EF Academy International Boarding Schools Pasadena.

EF Academy will be an international boarding high school for students in the 9th to 12th grade.

The entire project site for the new EF Academy campus, located at 1550 Elizabeth Street/1539 East Howard, between Elizabeth and East Howard Street, with Wesley Avenue to the west, consists of 16.23 acres, including a separate 1.42-acre recreation field north of the main campus on N. Oxford Avenue.

A staff report by David Reyes, Director of the Department of Planning and Community Development, showed that the new owners have filed an application for Preliminary Consultation to demolish the existing 69,000 square-foot Aylward Dormitory and administration building on the western edge of the campus, and build in its place a 112,000 square-foot dormitory with 230 units, administrative offices and student health services.

The new structure will house 500 students in triple-occupancy rooms, with shared bathrooms, community spaces, and laundry rooms. The building will also have storage, housekeeping and building support space, according to the report.

The existing Aylward Dormitory was constructed in 1945 with major additions in 1958 and 1970, and various interior and exterior renovations over the years.

For Tuesday’s deliberation, the Planning Department has laid out potential design issues and guidelines intended to guide the Design Commission during the preliminary consultation process.

Eleven buildings, with a total area of 277,164 square feet, currently stand on the campus; three of the structures, including Aylward Dormitory, would be demolished, according to plans submitted in September.

The rest of the existing buildings will be rehabilitated and retained, including McGavran Hall, which according to City staff appears eligible for listing as a Pasadena Historic Landmark.

Since students at the new international boarding school will not be allowed to drive, a 300-car parking space on the southwestern edge of the property will be converted to more green space, according to the plans.

The recreation field on Oxford Avenue will be enhanced as a regulation-size soccer field with artificial turf and field lights for student use, the plans showed. A new security fence is also proposed to be installed.

EF Education First held an open-house information session with residents of the neighborhood in April, announcing plans about the former William Carey University campus. They said most of the high school students to be served in Pasadena will be international students, although some local students can be accommodated.

At an EF Academy campus in New York, about 10 percent are local students and the rest come from as many as 12 different countries.





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