New Playhouse District Festival Today Packs Indie Bands, Interactive Art Into a One Block Punch

Published : Saturday, August 26, 2017 | 5:13 AM

Music lovers and art aficionados are likely to be drawn to Saturday’s IN+ERSECTION block party festival which will pack a lineup of popular indie bands and interactive art installations along Colorado Blvd. in the Playhouse District — making for a more intimate and art-focused flavored event for the heir apparent to the now defunct but still revered mega festival Make Music Pasadena.

Colorado Boulevard will be shut down from El Molino to Madison Avenues from the late afternoon and on into the night to give Pasadenans a taste of the Playhouse District nightlife and alluring entertainment which families can enjoy free of charge.

“While it does feature music, it is still a very different event for Pasadena. It’s much smaller and it’s much more district and locally focused,” said Playhouse District Association Executive Director Brian Wallace.

“For us, it was an opportunity for us to take some elements of Make Music Pasadena that were beneficial in terms of the live music and really creating that sense of energy in the district, then fusing that with more of our local assets and resources and our niche in arts and culture,” added Wallace.

IN+ERSECTION will feature a main outdoor performance stage on Colorado Blvd. where both up-and-coming and chart topping bands will perform each hour from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m.
and will feature works by local artists and arts organizations, community murals, chalk painting, virtual reality art and arts and crafts workshops for all ages.

“The lineup will draw some regulars who maybe missed Make Music Pasadena this year and also attract some new folks because not only the addition of that, but with the other things going on here,” said Wallace.

Live music will be provided by orchestral influenced pop group Kan Wakan, howling garage rock trio The Dead Ships, alternative bliss-rock four piece Givers & Takers, Racquet, emerging rhythmic and melodic artists Racquet, and feel-good indie-pop artist Susy Sun.

The music for IN+ERSECTION was curated by record producer and musician Eric Lilavois who carefully selected the artists who are set to perform at the debut festival.

“It was important that there was a good mix of artists who are already a little more established along with great up and coming artists who audiences will be exposed to for the first time. Pasadena has great taste and open ears, so a curated event like this is perfect for circling back to artists you love, and a great chance to discover new music you then get to pass on to your friends and fellow music lovers,” explained Lilavois.

The challenge of curating a smaller scale festival to that of the much larger Make Music Pasadena while retaining high quality talent was the end goal for Lilavois, who is confident that the audience will not be disappointed.

“During Make Music Pasadena, The Playhouse stage was always kind of known as the Indie stage, so this remains pretty in line with that ethos. There is also something to be said for a smaller format like this, it allows you to experience the full line-up and everything the festival has to offer, as opposed to running from venue to venue, and potentially missing out on multiple artists you want to see. The idea of everything being condensed into one intersection of art and culture is pretty fantastic,” said Lilavois.

The inaugural event will also facilitate and create interactive and immersive arts experiences that encourage collaboration between artists and audience.

“Part of what makes IN+ERSECTION different is that it’s really a strong focus on immersing all of us into the arts,” said Scott Ward, Executive Director at the Armory Center for the Arts.

“There is a greater range of art and its inherently interactive,” explained Ward about the Armory’s collaboration with Los Angeles artist Nery Gabriel Lemus on large-scale creative-play.

The nighttime event will also showcase food from Pasadena’s favorite restaurants and food truck favorites, and unique handcrafted goods from local artisans.

Lyd and Mo Photography Studio will host tours of public art installations in the Playhouse District, while offering tips on how to capture the perfect shot.

IN+ERSECTION takes place Saturday from 4:00PM – 10:00PM on on Colorado Blvd. and El Molino and is free to the public.

Live Music Schedule:

4:00 PM The BrosQuitos
An invasion of indie-pop sounds, with driven melodies, and fizzy anthematic lyrics.

5:00 PM Susy Sun
Feel good, indie-pop with a classical piano influence.

6:00 PM Racquet
Intricate guitar riffs, rhythms, and melodies blended with influences of alternative and indie-rock artists.

7:00 PM Givers & Takers
Alternative, bliss-rock with a heavy yet soulful sound, captivating melodies, and powerful vocals.

8:00 PM The Dead Ships
Howling, indie garage rock balancing feral and soulful.

Downtempo electronica, orchestral ambience and widescreen, celestial soul.

Art and Experience Activities:

ARMORY CENTER FOR THE ARTS: Collaborate with Los Angeles artist Nery Gabriel Lemus on large-scale creative-play “Collapse Construction,” create a sculpture that upon completion is pulled down by the very hands that made it – crashing to the ground, then, built-up again.

PASADENA MUSEUM OF CALIFORNIA ART: Explore the theme and methods of PMCA’s new exhibits Hollywood in Havana and LA Redux with two group mural projects. Wisdom Arts Laboratory will also be there to lead a workshop where you can assemble and decorate a wooden car or make a collage on a necklace.

SIDE STREET PROJECTS: Contribute your favorite lyrics on-the-spot to “Optical Sound,” a kinetic installation of ribbons by artists Steve Campos and Betsy Medvedovsky.

SURROGATE GALLERY PROJECTS: “Paint” in virtual reality with artist Brad Wallace while the audience watches your creations come to life onscreen.

LIGHT BRINGER PROJECT: Learn techniques from a chalk artist Juan Coronado Gomez and get into the action with a community chalk mural. You can also watch chalk artist Bianca Ornelas create a masterpiece!

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA CHILDREN’S MUSEUM: (lmtd. hours: 4-7pm) Make your mark with a hand print mural for kids! Little ones are invited to make oversized, colorful popsicles using felt and other materials.

PASADENA MUSEUM OF HISTORY: Look back at Pasadena history through mystery and trivia with the Pasadena Museum of History.

PINCELBOX: Learn the art of Origami and transform a sheet of paper into a sculpture through a series of folds. You will be guided through several patterns and get to take home your very own origami creations.

TUTOR DOCTOR PASADENA: (lmtd. hours 4-8pm) Design and make your own musical instrument. Build your own band, for FREE!

PLAYHOUSE DISTRICT ASSOCIATION: Spun Chairs! Take a seat, rock sideto-side, or spin around! Please enjoy responsibly.

VROMAN’S BOOKSTORE: (Courtyard – 695 E. Colorado Blvd.) Add words to a running story or create your own zine, make your own bookmark, and more!

IN+ERSECTION is being produced by the Playhouse District Association, a property-based business district encompassing 32 blocks in the heart of Downtown Pasadena.

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