New Yeast From National Bakery Supplier Based in Pasadena Improves Shelf Life in Frozen Dough

Published : Friday, May 31, 2019 | 5:35 AM

Bellarise, a yeast and bakery ingredients supplier based in Pasadena, has introduced semi-dry yeast, which offers better shelf life for unfermented frozen dough, more consistent gassing power from proof to bake when compared to cream and crumbled fresh yeast, and reduced costs, the company announced.

“Always non-GMO and clean label, Bellarise Semi-Dry Yeast is designed to extend the freezer shelf life of unfermented frozen bakery products by up to six months,” Michael Heimink, Technical Applications Manager at Bellarise, said.

Like all Bellarise yeast, semi-dry yeast is produced with pure beet molasses, ensuring that bakers can use an authentic yeast that is not fed high-fructose corn syrup, unlike yeasts made elsewhere.

During production, semi-dry yeast becomes dormant after undergoing a special freezing process, and should be kept frozen while in storage to preserve its freshness and gassing power.

By being in a frozen, dormant state, Bellarise Semi-Dry Yeast exhibits a much longer shelf life than any cream or compressed yeast on the market, the company said on its website. This, in turn, makes semi-dry yeast easier to use, since it does not suffer from the inconsistent performance (in terms of gassing power) seen in cream or compressed yeast in UFF (unfermented and frozen) doughs, and is much easier to handle and simplifies the supply chain.

At in-store bakeries, fast-casual restaurants, and wherever frozen doughs are used, semi-dry yeast eliminates the unnecessary costs associated with waste resulting from rapid product obsolescence often seen with highly volatile cream or compressed yeast, which are easily given to tampering and degraded performance arising from a short shelf life and strict handling requirements; these are non-factors when working with semi-dry yeast, the company statement continued.

“We have successfully used our SDY to replace 100 percent, 50 percent, and 33 percent of cream yeast in our customers’ breads,” Heimink said. This kind of flexibility allows our customers to continue employing their current cream yeast delivery system if they want, yet still offers them a viable solution to the typical gassing power degradation they experience in UFF products.”

To learn more about Bellarise and its Semi Dry Yeast product, visit or send an inquiry using the contact form on the website.

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