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New York Pizza Comes to Pasadena

Published: Monday, November 30, 2015 | 1:34 PM

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Joseph Hogan

New York is an iconic city, known for its twinkling lights, hustle and pizza. While we don’t envy the Big Apple for its crowds or hectic rush, their pizza is definitely something to be admired. Luckily, you don’t have to hop on a jet to savor authentic New York pizza right here in Pasadena.


Pie Life, an unassuming, bare-bones pizza joint recently opened next to Jones Coffee on South Raymond Avenue. It’s 280 square feet of pizza heaven – literally just large enough for an oven and industrial mixer.


“It’s just what we want… this space has just kind of taken on a life of its own,” said Joseph Hogan, the owner and sole pizza chef.


The space promotes outdoor eating, order at the window and enjoy your slices standing at the wooden tables set up in front of the shop. Pie Life offers four to five fresh slices daily as well as custom pies.


“We do one thing and we do it well…for me pizza is really a craft and the crust is the heart,” said Hogan. From the lovingly hand stretched dough to the high-quality pepperoni, each slice is infused with passion.


Hogan opened Pie Life after working in pizza places on the east coast and falling in love with pizza pies. From there, he developed his own sauce and crust recipes.


“It’s a total dream come true to be back in Pasadena,” said Hogan, who grew up in South Pasadena.


He is happy to be among the city’s delicious offerings and buzzing food scene but has no plans to expand his menu. “Our attitude is not trying to change pizza but just trying to get back to the roots and keep it classic,” said Hogan.


Pie Life has a single-minded pizza focus. They don’t advertise or deliver. “I like to think that our pizza speaks for itself,” said Hogan. Judging by the volume of pies they turn out, it certainly does.


Pie Life is located at 691 S Raymond Ave, Pasadena. Call (626) 720-7095 or visit for more details.



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