No Jobs Lost in Parsons Headquarters Transfer From Pasadena to Washington, D.C. Area

‘No one is moving and we are not relocating anyone,’ says spokesperson

Published : Friday, March 1, 2019 | 5:58 AM

“Don’t be concerned,” said Virginia Grebbien, chief marketing officer for Parsons Corp. Thursday, reassuring 500 Pasadena workers and their families that no jobs or positions will be lost as the company designates its Centreville, Virginia offices as their new headquarters.

The move places the company’s chief businesses—$3.6 billion worth of defense, intelligence and infrastructure work—closer to clients in the Washington D.C. area.

“We have 1,400 employees in California,” Grebbien told Pasadena Now, “along with our 500 employees in Pasadena, as well as many long-term clients in the area. No one is moving and we are not relocating anyone.”

“We also have seven more years on our lease [in Old Pasadena],” Grebbien added.

The move would also not affect the current large-scale development at the Parsons Pasadena campus.

“Parsons’ position as a world leader in defense, intelligence and critical infrastructure is the result of more than seven decades of strategic planning and investment,” said Chuck Harrington, Chairman and CEO of Parsons in a statement released Thursday.

“Our strategic actions over the past ten years, including acquisitions, have led to the Washington metropolitan area having Parsons’ largest concentration of employees worldwide. The move of our corporate headquarters to the Washington area will support this concentration of employees in the region.”

According to Grebbien, the company is consolidating its executive leadership in its Northern Virginia headquarters, approximately 14 miles from the nation’s capital. That headquarters currently maintains 2400 employees.

The company said its corporate headquarters will be relocated “effective immediately” to its facility at 5875 Trinity Pkwy #300 in Centreville, Virginia, about an hour’s drive from downtown Washington, D.C.

According to a company statement, Parsons will maintain the company’s presence in California, with its more than 1400 employees located in the state, “and remains committed to serving California-based clients.”

“We have a long history in Pasadena and a bright future,” said Grebbien.

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