Notorious Anti-Gay Church to Protest LGBTQ Rose Queen at Sequoyah School

Published : Thursday, February 21, 2019 | 9:59 AM

Another storm is brewing, but not the rainy kind.

Westboro Baptist Church has announced its intention to picket Pasadena’s Sequoyah School where Rose Bowl Queen Louise Deser Siskel attends, in protest of her sexual orientation.

Siskel is the first openly LGBTQ Rose Queen.

The group said in a Feb. 18 statement that she had been schooled in a “doctrine of lies,” at Sequoyah, adding, “That poor child has been so saturated in filthiness, that she bragged about being a pervert of the deepest waters, honoring what God has called abominable.”

The adults around the children at Sequoyah, the group said, “have woefully failed them,” and the Rose Queen is “stark evidence” to back up the claim.

The Westboro Baptist said its members mean to do good with the action, to bring the students of Sequoyah, “the only hope of life – both temporal and eternal -that is not filled with misery, confusion, and death.”

The Kansas-based church is regularly referred to as a “hate group” in media reports. The group’s web address is a rather unabashed They called for a similar protest at Thousand Oaks High School Feb. 11. Only four people showed up.

Westboro Baptist has national notoriety as a prolific generator of in-your-face style demonstrations where funerals and high schools are fair game for the dissemination of its fire-and-brimstone message.

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