Offramp Gallery’s Fifth Anniversary and ArtNight Exhibit

Anita Bunn, untitled (Ambient Red #1), 2012, continuous tone photolithograph, ed. 3/5 18” x 18”. Courtesy of the artist and Offramp GalleryQuinton Bemiller, Signal, 2013, acrylic on canvas, 12\Quinton Bemiller, Myron Kaufman, installation shot. Photo by Offramp GalleryAnita Bunn, Lou Beach, installation shot. Courtesy of the artist and Offramp GalleryChuck Feesago, Art in America, Dada, June/July 2006, Offramp Gallery Fifth Anniversary, 2013. Acrylic on paper with cotton, nylon and wood, approx. 96\Nicholette Kominos, Susan Sironi, Anita Bunn, installation shot. Courtesy of artist and Offramp GalleryMyron Kaufman, Sleeping Man, 2009, acrylic on canvas, 28\Edith Hillinger, Mittsu, 2012, collage on canvas, 33” x 33”. Courtesy of the artist and Offramp Gallery


12:27 pm | September 27, 2013

It’s always good to know that local art is flourishing.

Offramp Gallery is currently having its Fifth Anniversary Group Exhibition that includes work from critically acclaimed artists such as Lou Beach, Quinton Bemiller, Anita Bunn, Elaine Carhartt, Chuck Feesago, Mark Steven Greenfield, James Griffith, Edith Hillinger, Myron Kaufman, Nicholette Kominos, Susan Sironi and Patssi Valdez.

The exhibition opened on September 8, and will run through October 13, with art historian Betty Brown giving an exhibition tour at 3:00 pm. On October 11, the gallery will also open its doors as a participant for ArtNight Pasadena from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm with a special performance by Michael Lewis Miller called Bucket List. There will also be live jazz courtesy of the Julie Miwa Quintet.

“I’m really happy that this exhibition coincided with our first ArtNight, because we have 12 diverse artists, who do exceptional work,” says Jane Chafin, director of Offramp Gallery. “There are three or four pieces by each of the 12 artists. It’s a showcase for what we do here at Offramp. I really think there’s something for everybody in the show.”

For the ArtNight performances, the Julie Miwa Quintet will be performing in the garden, says Chafin, “They’ve played here a couple of times and have been very well received.”

Michael Lewis Miller,on the other hand, will be doing a performance called Bucket List. He wears a vest that has pigeon holes in it. He will engage the audience by having people write their bucket list on scrolls of paper and putting them in the pigeon holes. He will read some of them out loud and ask others to do the same. He wears a “ship voyage hat” with candles to light the way,” says Chafin. “And, he wears a cow bell to mark the passage of time.”

Chafin and her partner, architect Chaz Alexander, started Offramp Gallery in 2008. With Chafin’s unbridled passion for art and Alexander’s unending support for her vision, it can be said that Offramp is the result of a true partnership.

What sets Offramp Gallery apart from other galleries is that Chafin gets to know each of her artists personally. By understanding the stories behind each art piece and the process of creating it, Chafin has a deep knowledge and connection with all the artworks she exhibits.

“We recently remodeled to double the gallery space and it allows me much more flexibility in programming. “Offramp is unique to Pasadena — it allows Pasadenans to view and purchase high quality contemporary art without having to drive to downtown LA or the west side,” says Chafin. “And it does so in an historical house and garden setting.”

Offramp. Off the beaten path.

Offramp Gallery is located at 1702 Lincoln Avenue.

To find out more about Offramp Gallery and its exhibits, special events and artists, visit or call (626) 298-6931 for more details.