Opinion | Aaron Fyke: Measures I and J Pass: Now what?

Published : Wednesday, November 7, 2018 | 8:48 AM

I voted for measures I and J, and I’m pleased that they passed. However, now is the time for accountability.

PUSD has had a shameful record in the last six years since our children first enrolled there. Both from a performance point of view (departure of good teachers/administrators, as well as an unwillingness to show underperforming administration the door), a governance point of view (disgraceful behavior at the executive level, including a specific betrayal of trust in our case), and from a financial point of view (PUSD’s crippling financial position should have been seen coming years in advance and yet was not responded to appropriately).

Long-term problems are not solved with short-term thinking, and therefore I voted to support my local school district. However, now is the time for accountability. An underperforming administration, reporting to an ineffective executive, reporting to an impotent board, reporting to a disinterested electorate (voter turnout for PUSD board elections has been shameful) does not work. PUSD needs to report up through the City of Pasadena and be held accountable by the City executive. PUSD is too important for Pasadena to continue otherwise.

We’ve given you your money. Now, we need to see results.


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