Opinion | Keep Pasadena Moving: The City Council Should Cancel the Orange Grove Road Diet Tonight

Published : Monday, October 15, 2018 | 4:37 AM

Keep Pasadena Moving, the grassroots organization that formed to give all Pasadena residents a voice on transportation issues, is urging the Pasadena City Council to approve a measure to cancel the controversial Orange Grove Road Diet.

Council members will be voting on the measure during the Oct. 15 Council meeting.

“After seven long months of growing opposition to the proposed road diet, we applaud the city for considering this measure and urge the Council to cancel this controversial project,” says Frank Duerr, leader of the grassroots organization.

Residents in east and central Pasadena formed Keep Pasadena Moving shortly after hearing about the proposal to remove one lane in each direction on Orange Grove, one of the city’s major arterial corridors. The organization was able to quickly organize greater than 300 residents to speak out against the proposal at the City’s March 22 public meeting.

Since then, the organization has grown as awareness and opposition to the proposed project advanced. More than 1,000 residents on Orange Grove and adjacent streets posted yard signs urging the city to “listen to local residents” and “STOP lane reductions on Orange Grove.” Almost 1500 Pasadena residents have signed a petition to stop the project and signed petitions and donations come in daily. The petition will be presented to the Council on Monday.

“We are for common sense solutions to transportation and safety issues,” says Duerr. “However, the road diet is pushed by a minority of cycle activists rather than the majority of residents who are opposed to this proposal. KPM has expressed to the city the desire to work collaboratively with concerned neighborhood groups to explore consensus-based alternatives that would have a positive impact on the safety of neighborhood streets.”

“Residents from all walks of life have gathered together to oppose this proposal. We hope the city council will listen to the hundreds and hundreds of residents impacted by the project and vote to cancel it on Monday.”

Keep Pasadena Moving is urging all residents opposed to the Road Diet to attend the council meeting on Monday. The measure is item #14 on the council Public Hearing section and is scheduled to begin around 7 p.m. Residents are urged to print out and display KPM signs opposed to the road diet and to sign comment cards before the Council considers the measure (as the cards become part of the public record.).

KEEP PASADENA MOVING (KPM) is a grassroots organization with the goal of promoting safe streets and common sense alternatives to the proposed Orange Grove Boulevard Road Diet project.

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