Opinion | Steven S. Lamb: The Mess at the Altadena Library is a Tragedy

Published : Saturday, September 15, 2018 | 4:31 AM

As a lifelong Altadenan and a former Library Board member, I love the Altadena library as a place, a community Center and a hub, deeply. As a Organic Architect and Preservationist I treasure the Boyd Georgi design that abstracted the water cycle of California and was the first building in the San Gabriel Valley designed with handicapped accessibility in mind.

For me personally and for Altadena as a community, the mess at the Altadena library is a tragedy. It is a tragedy wholly of the Altadena Library Boards, own making however. Whatever Director Kittay’s faults may be, they were well known to the Altadena Library Board when she was hired. No steps were ever taken by the Board to deal with any of these issues, as they were too busy at the time basking in the reflected glory of her achievements. Eventually these problems somehow, and in a manner the public still has not been made aware of, became a matter of concern for the Altadena Library Board.

Rather than deal with these issues in a straightforward and lawful manner, the Altadena Library Board went down the trail of illegal and illegal secret meetings, disparaging their employees, and lying to, and disparaging the public. The Altadena community does need healing. Any kind of healing is literally impossible with this present Altadena Library Board or its members in place. Certainly they can not be trusted to deal fairly with Director Kittay were she inclined to return, and no Library Director in their right mind would at this point be hired by or serve under this group.

I urge the Altadena Library Board members to do the right thing and resign. They have proven, consistently for almost two years now, by mishandling literally EVERY aspect of their relationship to Director Kittay and the Public, they do not deserve the public trust.

Steven S. Lamb

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