Orchard Supply Hardware Stores in Pasadena, South Pasadena to Close, City Reacts

Published : Thursday, August 23, 2018 | 5:18 AM

The Pasadena and South Pasadena big-box warehouse-type hardware and appliance outlet Orchard Supply Hardware OSH stores will close no later than December 2018 – a decision that has taken many in Pasadena by surprise.

Parent Lowe’s Companies, Inc. has decided to close all of its 99 Orchard Supply Hardware (OSH) stores nationwide.

Ironically, Home Depot is in talks to open a facility in Pasadena at the former Avon facility site on East Foothill Boulevard.

Lowe’s said its decision was made August 17 after a strategic reassessment of OSH operations. The company said it will now focus on its core home improvement business.

“To facilitate an orderly wind-down, the company intends to conduct store closing sales and has partnered with Hilco Merchant Services to help manage the process and ensure a seamless experience for customers,” Lowe’s said in a statement.

In Pasadena, OSH is located at 3425 E Colorado Blvd. Its store in South Pasadena is at 452 Fair Oaks Avenue. Lowe’s said the company will be offering closing sales at all OSH locations starting this week. Employees who will be impacted by the closure will be offered jobs at Lowe’s stores.

Paul Little, President of the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce, said he was surprised by the announcement. He’s also disappointed that Pasadena is losing what he said is a “very well regarded retail” in the Pasadena area.

“I know they employ a good number of people at decent wages, which is unfortunate to lose,” Little said. “And I shop there. I like the store, and they’re a chamber member for a long time as well. We hate to lose members.”

Pasadena City Councilmember Gene Masuda is surprised as well, although he said he heard about an impending closure a few times in the past.

“It’s really something that I think will be a kind of business that will be missed,” Masuda said. “I go there all the time and people in my district go there and, but I think it’s probably the competition and the Internet and things like that that hurt businesses like OSH.”

Eric Duyshart, the City of Pasadena’s Economic Development Manager, said OSH is one of the stronger sales tax producers in the community, and losing it is definitely going to have an impact.

“I think it provides important services to our community,” Duyshart said. “We have a few other hardware stores but, ultimately, it is an important service for people who live in Pasadena and need the items to keep their apartments and homes in working order.”

Duyshart said they have learned OSH would close its doors in Pasadena by November 1, and will be offering products at a discount from now until that date. When the store finally shuts down, he sees a strong opportunity for other businesses to replace OSH where it is at present, opening up job opportunities on the site again.

“It’s an attractive corner location. So we are confident that something else will find its way to that building,” Duyshart said.

Little shares the same optimism.

“On the flip side of it, that could be a really interesting development opportunity or opportunity for another kind of a retailer to come in there,” Little said.

Recently, Home Depot acquired what used to be an Avon Cosmetics distribution facility on Foothill Blvd. in Pasadena, leaving industry observers to believe the home improvement supplies retailer could finally open a store in Pasadena. The nearest Home Depot outlets are in Monrovia and Alhambra.

Duyshart said some other retailers or even wholesale clubs may be interested in opening a business near where OSH is, but he believes there will be job opportunities on the site again.

“We don’t know at this point what types of jobs there will be, but certainly being in the [high] energy section there of Sierra Madre Villa and the freeway and Colorado Boulevard, it’s an attractive site for some other retailer,” he said.


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