Parking Ticket Campaign Stunt Raises Eyebrows, Candidate Profile

Published : Thursday, August 1, 2019 | 4:56 AM

It looked enough like a parking ticket to grab the eye. The campaign flyer it turned out to be raised the eyebrow.

Mayoral candidate Major Williams has a campaign flyer he’s distributing and one of his bolder ideas was clasping them to people’s windshields on the streets of Pasadena about a week ago.

Some media reports suggested that recipients of the campaign literature were not amused.

Neither was the City of Pasadena, whose spokeswoman Lisa Derderian said, “While the City has not received complaints to this point, we take seriously any concerns regarding materials that inappropriately suggest an affiliation with the City. City officials are considering what steps could be taken in this matter, if necessary and as appropriate.”

In a July 31 interview, Williams did not seemed worried.

“I didn’t go into it blindly,” he said. “I’m a marketer myself and I’ve researched campaigns before. So I looked into a few things, coordinated with different city officials and police officials, too.”

he flyer had dimensions similar to a parking citation. The top line blared, in red, “Warning” with the words “Pasadena Parking Citation” in black beneath the red banner.

The content is critical of the City’s parking enforcement practices, practices Williams pledges to change were he to be elected.

The tactic, he admitted, carries more than a whiff of guerrilla-styled marketing. “But we are looking at things from different layers,” said Williams. “There is going to be radio ads, commercials, billboards, and everything else we have in play.”

The same flyer has been handed out in the normal fashion as well. “We just want to be active and engage the community as much as we possibly can, to get people talking enough to want to hear what I have to say, something that might benefit them,” he said.

It’s very early in campaign season, but Williams said he thinks his bid is in a good place. “The feedback has been awesome. I don’t see myself letting up any time soon because this is only the beginning,” he promised.