Pasadena Announces Launch Date for Its Commercial Cannabis Program

Fall preview event planned to brief residents and business on details

Published : Tuesday, July 24, 2018 | 5:07 AM

A Pasadena official said the tentative date for the launch of Pasadena’s commercial cannabis program is January 1, 2019, according to a memorandum released late last week.

Planning and Community Director David M. Reyes said New Year’s Day will be the opening day for the initial 30-day application window for commercial marijuana operations under new regulations approved by voters in ballot measures CC and DD on June 5, 2018.

The two ballot measures authorized limited commercial cannabis activity in Pasadena and created tax structures for cannabis sales and cultivation.

Prior to the opening of the window, Reyes said, the City will post the application materials, review criteria, fees, and other information on the commercial cannabis web page.

Publicity is planned to announce the program and an open house as well in late Fall to inform Pasadena residents and business people about the specifics of the program, Reyes said.

Reyes said there are a number of tasks to be performed during implementation of the program and before its launch, including:

  • Establish review criteria to evaluate applications.
  • Establish procedures to govern the application process and prepare any necessary forms or applications. All forms and applications will be primarily available from the program website.
  • Form the application selection committee, provide any training for committee members.
  • Establish procedures for tax collection with special consideration given to the current all-cash nature of the Cannabis industry.
  • Establish public health-related procedures to regulate commercial cannabis activity.

Reyes said that City Manager Steve Mermell’s office is overseeing the overall development and implementation of the commercial cannabis program, while planning, finance, and public health are leading and developing different aspects of the program.

A cannabis working group has been formed to ensure coordination among various City departments, according to Reyes.

“Recently a group of Staff members made a trip to the city of West Hollywood to review that City’s selection process and meet with two operators,” Reyes is quoted as having said. “The trip provided invaluable information that will better inform our process in Pasadena.”

Further information may be found by visting which contains some basic information regarding Pasadena’s regulations, and provides an opportunity for those interested to provide their contact information.