Pasadena Athletic Association Looks Out at the Horizon, Makes Racing a California Coastal Cruise

Published : Thursday, August 15, 2019 | 5:20 AM

Pasadena Athletic Association just completed another one of its adventures with a ride through Palos Verdes, the launch point of the trip was near Marina del Rey.

The Pasadena Athletic Association is an elite bicyclists group, although club members don’t consider themselves to be. When the group is stopped on the side of the road under a tree, having one of the typically jovial “breaks” and having a laugh, it’s obvious it’s a tight-knit bunch of friends.

Dennis McCollough president of Pasadena Athletic Association has been a member of the bike club for five years.

“The purpose of the club is to encourage cycling in our community and engage cyclists in an activity they love,” he said. “The Pasadena Athletic Association started as racing club in 1961. A bunch of young racers got together formed a club. We still race, we race road racing, but we’re also a community of cyclists.”

The club is open to new members and it’s pretty serious about biking.

“Once a month we do a club supported ride, usually 50 or 60 miles,” he said. “We did Palos Verdes we did a beautiful loop through there.


“You should be comfortable on a bike,” he said. “We are mainly road cyclists. Most of our riders can easily handle a 40-mile ride. If anyone’s interested they can come ride with us some time. It’s co-ed.

Is there a certain age limit?

“No,” McCollugh laughed. “Some of our older cyclists have been racing since their 20s. We have 20 year old cyclists and we have Robert who is 72.”

The club is always open to new riders.

“We have a meet and greet for two weeks which is what we do for new members, and then our next ride is Thousand Oaks,” he said. “Another road trip, one of our sponsors is Franco bikes and they host the ride.”

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