Pasadena-Based Blaze Pizza Nabs Top Spot in Competitive U.S. Pizza Market

Published : Wednesday, August 7, 2019 | 6:01 AM

Blaze Pizza, a pizza chain which first opened in Pasadena and has now branched out to more than 300 restaurants in 42 states and five countries, has taken the top spot among fast-food pizza restaurants in the United States, according to a survey by Market Force Information, a customer experience management company.

Blaze Pizza, backed by NBA champion LeBron James, was the clear winner among over 7,600 American adults who were asked what were their favorite fast-food restaurants.

The survey also ranked quick-service brands on two factors – consumers’ satisfaction levels with their most recent visit, and their likelihood to recommend the restaurant to others. The study also uncovered consumers’ quick-service restaurant (QSR) dining habits, brand preferences, delivery trends and in-restaurant technology use.

The results were then averaged to attain a Composite Loyalty Index score. Only chains that received at least 100 consumer responses and representing two percent or more of responses were analyzed.

Blaze Pizza was followed closely by Papa Murphy’s in second and Marco’s Pizza in third in the pizza category. The three brands scored far ahead of Papa John’s and Pizza Hut, which tied for fifth, while Little Caesar’s landed at the bottom. Pizza Ranch failed to receive enough votes to make the list after placing first in 2018.

In key categories of customer experience, Blaze Pizza topped four of the eight categories, including speed of service, atmosphere, curb appeal and healthy options.

The Market Force Information survey also showed that dining in at pizza restaurants continued to decline, with take-out continuing to gain traction. Fifty-five percent of customers chose to take out their pizzas, while 24 percent opted to dine in at the restaurant, 16 percent got delivery directly from the restaurant or a third-party deliverer, and five percent visited the drive-through.

The use of mobile apps and online ordering soared, with 26 percent of customers placing orders through the website; mobile apps usage spiked to 18 percent of customers. Only 29 percent of people called the restaurant directly to place their orders, down from 35 percent in 2018 and 36 percent in 2017.

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