Pasadena-Based Forza Silicon Sold to AMETEK, Inc.

Published : Monday, November 12, 2018 | 8:04 AM

AMETEK, Inc., a global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices based in Berwyn, Pennsylvania, has acquired Pasadena-based Forza Silicon, which designs and manufactures high-performance imaging sensors used in medical, defense, commercial and industrial applications.

An AMETEK statement last week said the acquisition was valued at about $40 million.

At the same time, AMETEK also acquired Chicago-based Tetular, which provides communication solutions for logistics management, tank monitoring and security applications, for $525 million.

“We are very excited to welcome Telular and Forza to AMETEK, as they are both excellent companies with differentiated technology solutions serving attractive market segments,” David A. Zapico, AMETEK Chairman and CEO, said. “2018 has proven to be a record year on the acquisition front and we remain pleased with our efforts in this area as our teams continue to manage a robust pipeline of additional opportunities.”

Zapico classified AMETEK’s acquisition of Forza Silicon as a “highly strategic technology acquisition” for the company.

“Customers rely on Forza’s leading-edge design capability to support their advanced sensor development projects,” he said. “Forza also provides our Vision Research business with custom sensor design and production capability, allowing for accelerated development of next generation sensor technology for use across our market leading, high-speed cameras.”

Forza Silicon, with headquarters located at 2947 Bradley Street in Pasadena, has annual sales of approximately $20 million. The company was established in 2001 at a time when the CMOS (for “complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor”) imaging industry was in formation.

The company’s co-founders, Barmak Mansoorian and Daniel Van Blerkom, were a critical part of the Photobit team, who, along with Photobit  co-founder Dr. Eric Fossum and many others, pioneered the development of CMOS imaging technology.

Since its foundation, Forza Silicon has become an innovator and industry leader in the field of mixed-signal IC and CMOS imaging designs.

Today, the company employs one of the industry’s largest and most experienced independent CMOS imaging engineering teams. Its innovative products are used across a wide variety of industries – from automotive applications to high-end medical devices, from professional cinematography to next generation broadcast cameras, and networked video surveillance needs to mission-critical visible and near-visible defense applications.

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In its statement, AMETEK Inc. said Forza Silicon and Telular join them as part of the company’s Electronic Instruments Group, a leader in advanced analytical, monitoring, testing, calibrating and display instruments with annual sales of $3 billion.

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