Pasadena-based Tap Systems Announces App for Their Type-by-Tapping Device

Published : Sunday, November 18, 2018 | 5:57 AM

Image Courtesy Tap Systems, Inc., Facebook

Tap Systems, Inc., a Pasadena company that’s behind Tap, the wearable keyboard, mouse and controller, has released the TapAcademy app, which allows “tappers” (users of the wearable device) to reach average speeds of 30 to 40 words per minute in just 30 days, the company said Friday.

Tap Systems recently released the wearable Tap, which, worn on one hand, can quickly connect via Bluetooth to the user’s other devices and allow him to input hundreds of commands, macros and controls by simply tapping his fingers on any surface.

The average typing speed on the regular QWERTY keyboard is 38 words per minutes after months of training.

“Tap is so fast and easy to learn because it is a natural motion which is inherently tactile,” Dovid Schick, CEO and Co-Founder of Tap Systems, said. “Unlike a QWERTY keyboard, you don’t need to learn where the keys are and train your fingers to hit the right keys.  You can learn the Tap Alphabet in about one to two hours with the TapGenius learning app, and now you can rapidly become an expert tapper with TapAcademy.”

A company statement said the TapAcademy curriculum consists of a variety of drill-challenges which are optimized to improve speed and accuracy, and to build dexterity and muscle memory.

Each day, the player completes four two-and-a-half-minute challenges – racing against their own previous records – and then takes a daily practice test.  Each exercise is designed to reinforce specific skills and break through common learning plateaus.

“If you look at most traditional touch-typing programs, users spend an average of 20 hours learning just the basics, and then many hours to gain proficiency,” Dr. Sabrina Kemeny, Tap Systems President and Co-Founder, said.  “With Tap, not only can you become proficient in a fraction of that time, but you also have the freedom to tap on anything – without using your eyes – and avoid the posture and repetitive motion issues which are caused by conventional keyboards.”

The TapAcademy app is available now and free to download on iOS and Android devices from

To celebrate the app’s release, Tap Systems is hosting a words-per-minute (WPM) speed tapping contest now through the end of 2019. Participants simply record themselves tapping for a chance to win a variety of prizes, including a grand cash prize of $10,000 for the first person to reach 100 words per minute. Prizes will be awarded for all achieved speeds starting at 20 words per minute.

For more information on the TapAcademy WPM contest, visit

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