Pasadena Ramps Up Finalizing Plans for the Next Twenty Years of Power

Resource plan will help City meet State renewable energy goals; Pasadena Water and Power to hold meeting Thursday

Published : Thursday, August 23, 2018 | 4:33 AM

Looking toward long-term energy use, Pasadena Water and Power will hold a community meeting Thursday to introduce residents to its Power Integrated Resource Plan (IRP), the City’s long-range plan for supplying reliable and environmentally responsible electricity at competitive rates.

The IRP is based on an industry-standard, 20-year planning horizon.

“We really want to hear from the public in terms of how to comply with the more reliable features of our energy resources,” said Mandip Samra, Power Resource Planning Manager for the City of Pasadena. “We want people to let us know what they care about when it comes to energy resources and our long-term plan.”

According to a recent Department announcement, PWP will collect input from the Stakeholder Technical Advisory Group, which is made up of a diverse group of ratepayers and City leaders, including representatives from large customers, residential customers, institutional customers, environmental advocacy groups, City Commissioners, and City staff.

“Feedback from the entire Pasadena community will be an essential part of the 2018 development process,” the announcement noted.

The Department recently completed an energy survey online, Samra said. Just under 300 people responded.

“The consensus is that cost is important, environmental mitigation is important and reliability is important,” said Samra, “and ultimately, we do have to meet the compliance requirements and that does increase our renewable energy mandate to 50% by 2030. It’s a compliance requirement.”

According to the PWP website, the 2018 Power IRP will “analyze options for electrification, distributed energy resources, renewable resource procurement, and reliability concerns.”

The website also said that the development of the Power IRP is important because the Power IRP is central to ensuring a reliable cost-effective power resource mix and achieving Pasadena’s sustainability goals. The 2018 Power IRP will also consider supply portfolios with a variety of resources; including traditional resources, renewables, battery storage, the impact of transportation electrification, etc. A 100% greenhouse gas (GHG)-free portfolio will be considered.

The 2018 Power IRP must incorporate new state mandates enacted under SB350 in 2015. Pasadena Water and Power will also begin to develop and update the Power Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) in early 2018. The Power IRP is a state mandate, with a due date of January 1, 2019. Prior to this mandate, PWP produced IRPs in 2009, 2012 and 2015.

“As with previous IRPs,” the website said, “PWP will work closely with the community to determine the best resource planning options that maintain Pasadena’s environmental stewardship as well as its competitive rates.”

Referring to the importance of the community meeting, Samra emphasized, “We really are hoping that the public get educated on the balance of our energy needs and the balance really is its cost, its reliability and environmental mitigation or environmental stability. So we really need to look at all three of those things combined.”

“We do have to also look at reliability,” Samra continued, “and we are also looking at the environmental aspect of it, too. It’s a three-pronged approach, cost, reliability, and environmental stability.”

The community meeting will be held Thursday, August 23 at 6 p.m. at the Pasadena Hastings Ranch Library, 3325 East Orange Grove Blvd.

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