Pasadena Biotech Firm Wins Award That Will Help Its Cancer-Fighting Products Research Go Further, Faster

Published : Wednesday, April 25, 2018 | 7:02 AM

Pasadena biotech company Meditope Biosciences Inc., which specializes in antibody-based cancer-fighting products, has received a special award that will allow it to use the significant research power of a major San Diego Biolab facility.

The award, called the Golden Ticket program, provides one year of bench space in BioLabs facility in San Diego, including all of BioLabs’ shared infrastructure, programming and services. BioLabs is part of a national network of premium co-working facilities designed to help science-based startups go further faster on limited capital investment.

The Golden Ticket awarded to Meditope was gifted by Paris biopharmaceutical company Sanofi to fund lab space.

Meditope announced the award Tuesday, saying it marks the start of research collaboration between Sanofi and Meditope, under which Meditope will conduct preclinical evaluation programs utilizing the technology SnAP (Site-specific novel Antibody Platform) that it has developed over the past five years.

Potential areas for further scientific evaluation of Meditope’s technology may include diabetes, cardiovascular, immunology and oncology.

“This is a milestone for Meditope,” said Stephanie Hsieh, CEO. “Our Sanofi relationship, with support from BioLabs, will allow us to explore novel, disease-specific applications of our proprietary SnAP technology to further prove its flexibility, simplicity and power to create new therapeutic approaches.”

BioLabs looks forward to boosting scientific progress.

“At BioLabs, one of our goals in establishing our innovation ecosystem is to ensure creative exchange happens formally and informally between our startups and sponsors – the Golden Ticket helps us toward that goal,” said Susie Harborth, co-founder of BioLabs San Diego. “We’re pleased to facilitate potential medical science breakthroughs.”

As a biotechnology company, Meditope develops novel antibody-based cancer products using its SnAP technology. Discovered at City of Hope, a National Cancer Institute designated Comprehensive Cancer Center, SnAP has the potential of turning any antibody into a proprietary, site-specific “Lego-like” system that can attach and detach nearly anything to an antibody.

Meditope said its SnAP technology has the potential to advance the antibody market by producing an array of new therapeutic and diagnostic products.

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